The day Venezuela ceased to exist

Today Maduro was sworn in as President of Venezuela.
Venezuela is a non-existing country, it is a narco state with a military financed by drug trafficking, mainly to USA.
Desperate people abandoning the country and creating humanitarian crisis in all south America.
Venezuelans narco thugs moving out to enjoy the looting in countries like France, Mexico, UK, Australia, India and USA, which had received most of those thieves, here in New York, Houston, Miami.
There is a constitution tailored for Maduro by Cuba, Russia and China who are all ransacking the country and destroying the environment and what is left of the national oil company, iron ore, gold, aluminum.
This all, on plain view of Politicians around the world who demonstrate their incompetence to solve crisis any where in the world while living lavishly in New York, Brussels and The Hague.
Why do we need for, the UN, OAE, Human Rights Commissions, International Justice Courts? All those body of bureaucrats been financed mainly by USA.
The end of a whole country now live streaming.

After removing the media hatred screen, we have a very good President.

Donald Trump
If we do not pay attention to most of the media reporting on the President, if we are able to separate garbage from reality, fake news from real news and hysterical reporters screaming crazy questions at Mrs. Sanders, a picture of a very good President will emerge for all to see.
Let us try to do an analysis of our President:
On economics:
The President is leading the USA out of awful agreements that neuter our economy, sent our best paid jobs overseas, transfer our intellectual property to our enemies, finance terrorism and paid other countries to fight global warming and pollution, they willingly generate, by increasing by trillions our national debt and mortgaging the future of our youth. Those are facts backed by hard data and felt by the American people, The President correct actions are lowering unemployment, getting people out of food stamps, forcing other nations to be more environmentally friendly, reducing trade unbalances and increasing contribution to their own defenses taking partially the burden out of USA tax payers backs.
On immigration:
The President, despite a political set back from conservatives, has pledge to give a path to citizenship to illegals already in this country and DACA recipients under the condition that our obsolete immigration laws be updated, and the USA borders be protected. This offer had not passed a Republican dominated congress and do not have the support of the Democratic party which always have pushed for this in the past.
The President is protecting USA citizen from terrorism, banning entrance of people coming from war/terrorist countries.
The President want people coming to USA will merge into our culture and enriched it as many immigrants did in our past, not to come to our country with radical ideologies contrary to freedom, respect for the law and against our Constitution.
On foreign relation:
The President is willing to engage awful regimes to help advance peace and freedom to change tyrants into responsible world leaders, North Korea, Iran are examples of his willingness to engage in productive relationship, it is up to those regimes to accept his offer. The President promotes the defense of every country interest in a reciprocal and productive way with USA.
The President is the only one I heard, that is keeping the option open to use the military to free Venezuela from the oppressive, tyrant regime now there, this idea, that all Venezuelan support, was deem impossible by all swamp politicians here in the USA, South America and even by the so called opposition in Venezuela allowing the slaughter of innocent children, elderly and promoting the massive exodus of Venezuelan out of their country which have been taken over by narcotraffickers who send their drug to the USA to ruin our people here.
Race relation:
The President had always said, “what do you have to lose” to the black community, it turns out that blacks are far better off now under President Trump that they were under our first black President. Chicago is a good example when local swamp politician resists the wave of change for the better hoping to keep a grip on black voters. Blacks must remove the Democratic party chains and free themselves to the opportunities this President is opening for us all.
And I can keep on going and going, in short, we do have a very good President.

Worst nightmare a non-politician President

What could it be that a sizable part of USA population is against anything President Trump is trying to achieve during his presidency?
Let us try to analyze what are the main reasons of a so viral opposition to some one trying to do a job that many in the past performed without arising so much bad or good passion.
There are many participants in this drama:
• Existing Politicians
• The media
• Liberals, Democrats, Socialists, left leaning people

How does President Trump actions play to those different constituencies?
Existing Politicians:
Also known as the swamp. Politicians evolved to be people who does nothing, achieve nothing, promises a lot, speak nice but with not meaning, break laws while demanding others to follow them, enrich themselves with very low paying jobs (How?), live in mansions, have excellent health insurance they deny to the rest of us and fight fearlessly anyone who dear to uncover above view of them.
Do we need an explanation of existing politicians disgust for President Trump?
He is none of the above and he is a permanent reminder of the need to get rid of the swamp.
The Media:
Also known as “Fake news”. The media is using President Trump’s unconventional(efficient) approach to solving the main problems impacting USA to misrepresent to the people the true, hence, fake news. The media in conjunction with Politicians wants the people to live in a virtual world, where what happens is inevitable, people needs to accept their fate as politicians explain it to them and is reinforced by the media and enacted laws to deprive the freedom of the people to build their own future, in other words the pursuit of happiness.
The media and President Trump are in parallel universes:
One Universe of virtual realities, a world where elites want a working class to sustain the privileges of a few, Venezuela, Cuba are good examples.
The other Universe where the many want a few to represent them all, to protect our borders, our citizens, provide us all with good infrastructure, services, education, health care.
Summarizing a Government for the people by the people which best example happens to be USA under President Trump.
Liberals, Democrats, Socialists, left leaning people.
Also known as demms, lefties, liberals, antifa. Very confusing mix of racist people attacking others of racism, quoting slavery as the main reason of maladies caused by them to black people while ignoring that war was fought and lost by them, demms, and since black people are working their way out of the stereotypes imposed by the democratic party on them.
Even more confusing, they believe in the existence of every kind of genders. Male and female are not enough. While we must respect our differences and think of different people as enriching our society with their rainbow views of life, that have nothing to do with gender.
This people also believe in abortion, they believe an unborn human being is not worthy of any protection under our laws and is a privilege and a right for any woman to terminate a life.
The people in this category believe in open borders, free drugs while banning fire arms, with total disregard for the fact that drugs kills a lot more people than fire arms and gang and drug related deaths exceed by far mass attack on civilian by deranged individuals.
Antifa the violent arm of the ones in this category, supported and praise by pacifist and the media, singing the virtues of harassment in homes and public spaces, the destruction of property for a noble cause, incited by the Maxines, Pelosis, Schummers, Harris, leaders of this movement to submit the working class to their capricious desires and uncontested truth and terminate this evil President.
Unfortunately, the people still believe in this segment of our population and just gave them the control of the House of Representatives, so we all will soon see what this will mean for our country, I know already, I felt still for my country of origin Venezuela where these people took control and destroy the country I still carry in my heart.

President Trump Rally in Houston


I attended President Donald Trump rally in Houston on 10/22/2018.
I left my house in north Houston around 12:30 pm and reach Toyota center around 1:15 pm. I paid forty dollars to park my car, special price for the event.
Now, I must find the end of the line, first I found a VIP group where a yelling Trump volunteer asked me if I was a Trump VIP supported, I said to the yelling lady I do not know so she yelled back at me and said: then you are not move out. I followed her instruction and move anxiously looking for the end of the line, I asked a policeman, plenty of them anywhere, the policeman kindly told me to walk down the street, around the block get to a hotel, get to the right then to the left until Dallas. Dallas the city I asked, bear in mind we are in Houston, do we have great people in blue or not, instead of incarcerating me the policeman told me, not man the street but if people continue coming like this, soon is going to get to Dallas.
Finally, I reached the end of the line, may be five blocks from the entrance to the arena, street vendors everywhere with Trump paraphernalia, red MAGA caps, T-Shirts, buttons. I was already hurt by the parking payment and refrain of buying anything.
I ate my first sandwich with a sip from my water bottle, a lady asked me, ham and cheese? Yes, I told the old lady, while walking intermittently towards the entrance we could see the debris and chairs left behind by the night campers, people slept on the streets to get a chance to see President Trump.
Near the Toyota center a gigantic TV set gave advices to the crow: Please do not touch or be aggressive towards protester, just rise you Trump signs over your head and wait for the police to remove the protesters, how is that for GOP civility, I felt great, then a jumper try to get into the cue, a old lady spring into action and the whole group promptly call the guy out with a policeman who remove him, we all felt relief, this is America, not cue jumpers allowed. I though about the need for building the wall as the jumper looks foreign to me.
Two hours walking, we are within sight range to enter the arena, we were commenting we are almost there and could make it inside, I ate my second, yes, ham and cheese sandwich on fear I have to throw it away at the security check point, I gulped it down with what was left of my bottle of water.
I made it through security, inside the arena at last, a deserved visit to the rest room, and walk to get a good chair, too late, it was a few past three pm, best chairs already taken, I found an advantage point about two hundred yards from where the President will be standing.
Very good and loud music while a continuous inflow of people kept pouring in, suddenly a guy was calling the attention of people wanting to take selfies with him, I started taking pictures of the guy while trying to recognize him, a senator? a representative? a local politician? No, it was the pillow man, what is this guy doing here? he is from Minnesota, but I can tell you, he was friendly and never refuse anyone for a picture with him.
Now we are getting closer, first commitment, nice words, then pledge of allegiance to the flag, then the national anthem, we all stand. Nice to see and feel the devotion and love for the USA by those attending.
A series of speakers followed: Texas Governor, Texas lieutenant governor, senators, Lara and Erick Trump, Parscale/Piersen combo, now senator Cruz fiery speech highlighting the shortcoming of opponent Beto O’Rourke and, at last, introducing @realDonaldTrump.
I love the President, my next chair neighbor and I commenting on President Trump business like approach to solving our pressing problems, he is not a politician, he is keeping his promises, he is achieving results, I exposed myself to my new friend that I was from Venezuela, he was very sorry about the situation in my country of origin, then we commented on the Caravan/Invasion coming from Central America.
The President, very entertaining, Pocahontas hilarious, Spartacus, Pelosi, Schumer and low IQ Watters, but also the best USA economy ever, low unemployment and explaining why he has low popularity among foreign countries, why could them, if I am stopping those countries ripping off the USA.
Mid Term election are very important for this country, they are going to be the difference to continue the way to prosperity or going the way of poverty and socialism and end up like Venezuela.

A humanitarian USA military intervention in Venezuela

Our flag when Venezuela was free

It is time for the USA to militarily intervene and jail the narco tugs destroying Venezuela.
I read that President Trump considered that option and discussed with former National Security Advisor and former USA Secretary of State and with presidents from South America, all of them advice President Trump not to pursue a military intervention in Venezuela.
It can be seen the lack of understanding of the situation Venezuela is in by those swamp politicians, ex CEOs, weak military and corrupt “Presidents” and I am amaze by the clarity of judgement President Trump, a non-Politician President, has of the current situation in Venezuela.
Venezuela is in desperate condition, Venezuelans are leaving by the millions creating an humanitarian crisis in neighboring countries such as Colombia and Brazil, are flooding Europe and the USA with people seeking refugee status and even worst, families of the tugs in power in Venezuela are fleeing their socialist government and enjoying the wealth stolen from Venezuela here in the USA and elsewhere in the world, meanwhile swamp Politician, advisors and even the corrupt political opposition in Venezuela are opposing President Trump correct view that a military intervention is the only way of stopping the tragedy in Venezuela.
Diplomacy had run its course, Venezuelans had used any pacific way to get rid of those tugs killing innocents and impoverishing once a very rich and prosperous country.
The American people must be informed of the desperate situation in Venezuela and support our President to militarily intervene and incarcerate the narco traffickers in power, Venezuela is a very high security risk to the USA, while swamp liberals and lefties are all the time talking about the Russia risk and intervention in our electoral system, none of them talk about the risk of Cuba, Russia and China, three of the greater risk to the USA, taking control of the Venezuelan tyrannical government which is a puppet to their interest and a way to penetrate corrupt governments in South and Central America(now there is a Socialist/Chavista government in Mexico).
USA must use its military might to once again show to evil that good has its champion in the USA, that evil will not be tolerated, that mothers will not need to risk separation from their children as they will regain and will enjoy in their native countries the prosperity that we all enjoy here in the USA.
President Trump you are right about Venezuela, please do not listen to the swamp, corrupt and lefties liberals with not soul that are allowing this tragedy.

We Americans need to empower President Trump next November helping him clean the swamp, please vote for responsible people to congress.

PS: The situation deteriorating every day, mass migration, destruction of the environment, sacking state wealth, children and elders dying on the streets, you see a whole country being destroyed by thugs and nothing is going to happens because politicians do not care

Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. First day.

I watched the start of Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. I, at first, was so sad to see embarrassing comments made by democrats trying to derail the confirmation of this judge, main arguments were not about the judge qualification but the lack of having all documents ever produced by judge Kavanaugh, the uncivil intervention of Miss Kamala Harris and others Democrats just trying to sabotage the confirmation process denying the chance to the American people to hear judge Kavanaugh own words and reaching the final definitive conclusion which real matters: We the People. The use of assumptions on how the judge is against poor, abortions, he will protect @realDonaldTrump.
I was amaze at the position Democrats hold, that the Constitution is old and written by a bunch of racist and current judges in @SCOTUS must correct those perceived, only by liberals, faults of our founder fathers. I was appalling by Democrats asking the nominee to ignore the constitution to support liberal agenda while expressing doubts judge Kavanaugh needs to withhold the constitution when conservatives point of views are presented on front of him.
I saw Miss Condoleezza Rice, Senator Portman and Miss Lisa Blat introducing judge Kavanaugh, all of them friends and former co-workers depicting an extraordinary judge and a magnificent human being in total contrast to depiction made by democrats.
All my fears and tribulations disappeared when a young individual in a strong voice spoke of his judiciary philosophy, his independence of judgement, his defense and strict interpretation of the law and the constitution, his love to his family his loyalty to his friends, fearless acknowledging the gracious treatment by @realDonaldTrump and @FLOTUS during his nomination and I was moved by his mother and father histories, being only child and recognizing his own family as his source of fairness and strength.
I am looking forward to the confirmation process, I hope lawyers ask thorough and though question to judge Kavanaugh, hope Lawyers in full representation of We the People do a deep vetting of judge Kavanaugh so we all will be sure to have the best justices at @SCOTUS.

Mueller an insult to our intelligence


It had been more than a year since Mueller Russia collusion investigation began, more than twenty-five million USD expend, Mueller team all former Hillary operatives, conviction for Cohen on hush money (no collusion), conviction for Mr. Manafort for tax related issues with not connection to Russia collusion and unrelated to Mr. Trump campaign, many Russian, nobody knows and are not even in the USA, indicted by Mueller, all that based on a fake dossier funded by the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign colluding with Russia to get dirt on Mr. Trump.
Department of Justice (DoJ) run by Mr. Rosenstein who approved the request to FISA courts to secretly tape USA citizens and is the boss of “independent” counsel Mueller.
Mr. Sessions, an early Trump supported, AWOL and unwilling to expose the deep swamp in Washington and using this unique time in history, where we have a President willing to restore the power to the People, to clean up a clearly bias DOJ and CIA who were under all evidences plotted against candidate Trump and now plotting to terminate one of the more successful presidencies in modern times.
There are continuous leaks to bias fake news trying to direct the public against President Trump, it seems like a giant conspiracy by forces that are resisting been exposed for what they are, a big government, taxing Americans, controlling and curtailing our rights to freedom and pursuit of happiness, that allow the world to take advantages of our workers impoverishing all us while they, every day gain, more benefits and enjoy more privileges, that make us all live in a more dangerous world with tyrannies such as Venezuela, Iran, China, Cuba, Nicaragua, Russia spreading their sick ideology without the peace loving strength of USA, a counterweight to evil.
One of the worst consequences of this all is the loss of the Democratic party which is now controlled by open socialists who want to substantively change a highly successful model by a failed one. Socialism, as a model of government, does not exist in our constitution, redistribution of wealth was not what our founding father envision for our nation, social engineering and control of the society by the few in Washington violate our rights, giveaways and funding people to accept the status quo of misery and poverty is not in USA DNA.
We, Americans must fight alongside President Trump to defeat those radical views to change our country to a failed Venezuela.
Next November we have the opportunity and is our last line of defense to succeed in preserving the American way of life which produced the most prosperous country on earth.