A trade war Americans must win


Let us first define who are the main parties in the trade war, what are the reasons the USA is at war and why Americans need to win this war.
Who are the main parties in the trade war against the USA in an empirical order of threatening to the USA: China, European Union, NAFTA countries (USA is in the losing end of many more countries but let us focus on the mentioned), swamp politicians, fake science and corrupt CEOs.
Knowing now who the main opponents to the prosperity of the American people are, let us explore the reasons for this war:
The USA debt, compromising every American for generations to come, I will refer to some statistics in this link ( http://www.usdebtclock.org/ ) . As per 07/12/2018 at the time I am writing this post USA debt stand at 20.2 Trillion USD up more than 10 Trillion USD just in the second Obama administration from 2008 to 2016; this is an astounding 64,633.00 USD per each USA citizen and 174,322.00 USD per USA tax payer

The next table shows the USA trade deficit with just ten of our foes and “friends”:


The USA has a trade deficit with the world of negative 734,316 billion USD, meaning, USA export a lot less that what the USA import. Now let us see the trade negative imbalance with China (347,038 USD Billion), EU (146,340 USD Billion), NAFTA countries, Canada/Mexico (74,432 USD Billion), I hope we are now realizing the main reasons why friend and foes are willing to risk a trade war against the USA, they want to continue robbing the bank with swamp politicians, corrupt CEOs and fake Economic scientist as their partners in crime.
The impact on the USA people of above trade imbalance can be seen in the usdebtclock.org link: a lost of 4,526,225 jobs in the manufacturing industry since year 2000, people living in poverty 38,766,765.

Now, why Americans need to win this trade war, some reasons are very obvious from the previous paragraphs, to diminish the USA debt, to correct the trade imbalance, others are less obvious, such as to protect our intellectual property being stolen by countries like China and India, to stop corrupts CEOs saying that they need to import talent from foreign countries while our universities are every day more and more expensive and the career offer are just liberal-lefties curricula aim at changing the way Americans think, to teach CEOs and swamp politicians that We the People are not that naïve and we are awakening from the stupor, career politicians create for us and do not want to be contested as they had thrive in the swamp while we are drowning in their corrupt ways.

Vote wisely next November.


A wise advice to fix USA economy


I would like to remove President Trump from this post as I would like our Lefties-Liberals friends to read it, I must get the best advice I could about this very difficult topic: the USA economy from an non partisan expert.
So, I am going to write this post considering advices given to me over many years and good and bad situations by someone able to successfully manage a micro economy, that compounded to the many, is what makes any country economically successful: my Mother.
Allow me to introduce my Mon’s credentials to give us advice in this area:
• Mon is 88 years old, in good health, living alone from her own resources without any help
• Mon was able to put through college myself and my two siblings
• We were middle class through almost all our life and proudly so now
• In raining days, we have a raining fund
• She was able to balance income-outcome, so we were never in debt or deficit
• She never bought anything she could not afford with what my father provided
• She kept us well fed, clean and disciplined
No, my mother is not an economist my mother is a proud housewife.
Now, I will try to guess her answers to the situation we are in the USA now:
Mon we are over 20 trillion in debt and every minute that debt keeps growing (Debt), what am I doing wrong?
You are spending more than what you can produce, just keep your expenditure below what your income is, and you will be alright.
But, Mon if I do that I will not be able to buy what I like, and I will no longer be middle class,
You are no middle class already, worst, you will not be able to put your kids through college or fend by yourself when you retire, stop buying fancy thing and go back to what I taught you while at home.
Mon, I am working harder and harder but barely can make ends meet, I am feeling like I been taking advantage of as I see more and more swamp politicians, CEOs, lobbyist and criminals showing up a lavish way of living, do we need to change our law-abiding ways and go the way of Venezuela and ignore children and elderly like yourself dying in the streets?
Well, Venezuela is a good example of what could happen in the USA if you continue the road your country is in now, you need to get rid of swamp politicians, false CEOs, lobbyist and corruption and criminals.
Mon, I am not able to fabricate anything all manufacturing moved to China, India, Mexico and elsewhere because they cheap labor, do not have human rights protection nor environmental laws that Liberal-Lefties in the USA are all the time claiming we in the USA must comply with and be in global accords to pay to develop those rogue countries instead of investing in the USA, and on top of that I do not see any benefit in moving manufacturing out of the USA because despite CEOs paying a lot lets for those items the price remain the same here in the USA, ah! That is why CEOs are so rich and do not want a balanced fair trade.
Mon you make me an engineer, but I see now that engineering and science is being done and transfer to India and China, our large Engineering Companies which built the Panama Canal, Empire State, reach the moon and built our rail ways and high ways are not hiring engineers in the USA so it was not attractive to my children to go into engineering as I did because there is not work for them here.
I hope someone in your government could revert this tendency as you are losing your future.
Finally, what did you do when you could not find anything made in Venezuela, well son, now we are totally dependent of very corrupt and inhumane narco thugs governing us that are killing a whole country while your country is following the same path, good luck son.
I am trying to convince my Mon to come to the USA, but I think that she believes that unless people wise up in November and defeat Liberal-Lefties the USA will go the way of Venezuela very soon.

Left-Liberals and Conservatives. Yes, we are different.


There are marked differences between lefty liberals and conservatives in the USA, let us explore the more evident ones:
Lefties-Liberals represent themselves as defenders against every existing bad in the world and the USA. Their solution, everyone must be equally poor, all people must suffer and be deprived of wealth, government will provide borderline necessities, so people will barely subsist, a health system for all in which there will be no doctors or medicines or hospitals. A dry run of this system has been tested for many years in the USA and you can see their results in the inner cities where poor education, high criminality, lack of services, destruction of family values, abortion on demand and at any stage are the normal and you can see swamp Politicians praising that abomination in the most prosperous country on earth, the USA, while of course, they have private insurance, good housing, first class education in our ivy league colleges teaching advance theories designed to transform our country in a liberal-lefty society the likes of the highly successful ones in Venezuela and Cuba.
Lefties-Liberals are so sensitive to bad going on in the world that they were extremely concern with the annihilation of ISIS, but not with the displacement of thousand of refugees when ISIS took their towns and cities and beheaded innocents, rape women, burn and drown civilians, LGTBQ communities and prisoners, they are extremely hurt by the separation of families in our southern border but they could care less for what is happening in Central and South America with corrupt tyrannies in Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia, Honduras, Guatemala not to include all Africa, which is the actual root cause of families separation abandoning those countries in desperation.
Lefties-Liberals do not have any clue how to solve the bad going on in the world they just know that the only way preventing bad occurring is, must be no good nor god, not values, not Christianity, no family no education and progress, so if there is no good then bad does not exist, very clever way of thinking and a proved concept with modern excellent example on display for all to see in Venezuela where lefty-liberal narco thugs are very successfully testing the lefty-liberal dogma.
Lefties-Liberals are all the time blaming the USA of destroying the earth and polluting and depleting its resources while they do no complain the environmental destruction in China, India and Venezuela is again a showcase of lefty-liberal policies destroying our environment. Are those countries in the same planet that the USA?
Now the hard way Conservative approach:
Conservatives do not make noises with loud demonstrations, we do not climb the Statue of Liberty, we do not harass teenagers wearing MAGA hats and families dinning in public restaurants, we help people in need with actions, opening doors to people impacted by hurricanes so they can sleep in new mattresses, Louisiana navy moving their armada to rescue people in danger, doctors and private clinics operating on the needed, separating conjoined twin, sending our sons and daughters to fight foreign wars to defeat ISIS and tyrannies around the world and giving a chance of a better life to millions of oppressed human beings which will feel not need to abandon their countries or being separated from their families, not to take a boat to die in the Mediterranean hoping the EU will receive them or go through desserts, smugglers, coyotes to come to the USA.
Conservatives pay our way through lefty-liberal colleges keeping intact our believes and our proud love for our nation and its values. We are all children of immigrants and we know why our founding fathers wrote a constitution that in its preamble says:
We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
We believe in our constitution and abide and live by its principles, we believe a human life is created at conception and destroying it for not reason is terrible. Conservatives believe in science and the progress it brings to us all, we care about our planet and its resources and its preservation despite lefty-liberal trying to portrait us otherwise. We believe in using our guns to defend ourselves, mothers defending their children from kidnaping and carjacking and condemn massacres and mis use of weapons by gangs and mentally ill people.
Conservatives, instead of blaming others, had fought hard to eradicate racism, bigotry and exclusion from within, it was Conservatives principles that made President Lincoln to fight to emancipated slaves at a very high price to himself and to our country with a war between brothers. I myself, in my live time, have seen those changes, I am originally from Venezuela, I came to the USA for the first time in the earliest seventies and people was not shy to showing me racism, bigotry and exclusion simply because I was a Latino, brown and I always was singing or laughing and happy in public. Fast forward to 2006 when I came to the USA, now as an immigrant, still some old people show traces of racism or bigotry, but the good news is that the younger generation of Americans really do not even know what racism or bigotry is, they know about that because of the constant reference by Lefties-Liberals that everyone not sharing Left-Liberal ideas are racist, bigots, white nationalists, Nazis etc. We Conservative are not, we are just Americans that want the USA to continue to be a just country for we all in which justice, freedom and the pursue of happiness is within our reach with hard work and respect for each other.

Mr. Trump please Build that Wall


As expected Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) was elected president of Mexico by a landslide, he surely will control the congress and many state governments and will enjoy a high popularity which will allow him to change the constitution to gain dictatorial powers, AMLO will promote and be the direct cause of illegal immigration into the USA, AMLO will encourage drug and human trafficking into the USA, AMLO will soon imposed socialist views of the economy with wealth redistribution, AMLO will bankrupt industry and control food production and distribution, AMLO will re-nationalized the oil industry in Mexico, in an accelerated manner extreme poverty will be the normal way of living in Mexico, waves of desperate families will be at USA southern border, drug kingpins will roam free at plain view of authorities and protected by them showing up their wealth while Mexican will starve to death, basic services will collapse, electricity, potable water, roads, transportation, hospitals and education will all collapse.
All the above will occur while in the USA, swamp politicians will encourage our own citizens to blame President Trump and go on demonstration against everything our President is trying to do to protect us.
The root cause of family separation going on with illegal families entering the USA is not President Trump, is not even our own laws, the real reason and root cause of the problems are corrupt governments all over the world and impacting the USA the most, corrupt, tyrannical governments in central and south America and now in Mexico and the swamp politicians in DC refusing to recognize the true and act properly to help those countries to regain dignity and democracy but handcuffing the USA to do good in an evil world.
I know well the scenario I described above I lived through it in Venezuela, despite the best efforts of Venezuelans trying to regain our country from the thugs led by Mr. Maduro, now Venezuela one of the richest countries in the world is one of the poorest, the oil industry is in shambles, there is not services, education, hospitals, roads, transportation, not even money as it has not value, the minimum monthly salary for Venezuelans is less than a dollar and people and children are dying in the streets. El Cartel de los Soles (High military officers) is controlling now drug production and transportation to the USA and Europe fact known by the DEA, CIA, FBI and the DOJ but they ignore this reality to be politically correct and diplomatic and hide the reality of their ineptitude.
It is evident that my past post about the possibility of AMLO elected president of Mexico was ignored and the Mexican people ignored the lessons Venezuela provided to those who want to avoid a chaotic situation, the people in Mexico and the USA continue believing in swamp corrupt politicians promising everything to everyone with the clear intention of forever dominance and stripping We the People of our freedom, Venezuela had teaching them nothing nor they care what is going to happen to families being devastated by their pursue of evil.

USA will be overrun in November if Republican do not red Tsunami Democrats


Democrats are expecting to turn the congress from red to blue next November, let us analyze the possible consequences of that scenario:
• Borders will disappear and the USA will be a free for all, desperate immigrants will flood our country, English will be a second language in our schools, law abiding citizens will be replaced by banana republic mentality of ignoring laws, honesty and principles by imported politicians and media such as the one we are seeing now in Telemundo, Univision and many politicians with foreign names speaking badly of our key principles and denigrating our laws and even our constitution, flag and national anthem.
• USA economy will migrate from an economy based in hard work, self-reliance and fair and reciprocal trade competition with the rest of the world to be again the piggy bank of the world were USA citizens subsidize the UE, China, Japan, Korea, Africa, Central and South America, Australia in fact everyone but Americans who will see their job lost, their income reduced, high taxes to pay the swamp, bad health, education and services.
• Our security will be endangered by the elimination of ICE, creation of sanctuary cities, demonization of the police and reverse discrimination in which white people are accused of racism, bigotry and harassed because of theirs believes.
• Our military will again be depleted leading from behind and be afraid of every tyranny in the world, ISIS will reemerge from the ashes, Iran will be compensated again with billion of dollars, terrorism will be allowed once more in our country as Muslin from chaotic countries will be welcome by Democrats into the USA, North Korea will sense a weakened USA and will re-start their nuclear threatening of the world, Venezuela and Cuba will again being empowered to tyrannize their citizens.
If above arguments are not a convincing case to take to congress the right kind of USA loving citizens this next November, then, we will have not reason to complain afterward, we will deserved it, so vote to guarantee our President have a congress that will pass sensible laws, appoint judges, control the size of government, drain the swamp, clean the DOJ and protect our jobs and unique and very successful way of life do not allow the USA becoming VENEZUELA.

Ya basta!


Venezuela is crying for help. Maduro and his narco thugs are destroying it at a pace that soon there will be not country left.
Venezuelans, while responsible of bringing to power Mr. Chavez, they also had fought against all odds and all the way to reinstate democracy and held Maduro accountable for the pillage, dead and destruction of a whole nation.
The USA, under President Trump, has imposed sanctions to individuals of the Maduro’s regimen trying to minimize their impact over the population, regrettable is not working because Venezuelans are already under extreme duress, no food, no medicines, no education, no transportation, thousands of people leaving the country, thousand more dyeing every day of starvation and illnesses.
I believe the only solution for Venezuela now is extreme sanctions to the Government the likes of the one being imposed in North Korea and producing results, those sanctions must be accompanied by credible use of force and incarceration for those in high positions in the government. Travel in and out of the country for government elites must be restricted, oil and drug trafficking which is the main source of financing for the assassin regimen must be stopped by restricting all shipping by air, sea or land to get in or out of Venezuela.
Mr. Trump had said, that the USA is respected again in the world, that the military is been rebuilt and is now the most powerful fighting force on earth, so let the USA prove Mr. Trump right by getting rid Venezuela out of those thugs that together with the Cuban regime are destroying Venezuela.
The USA can be sure that Venezuelans rather die of hunger and illnesses under a total blockade aimed a liberating Venezuela and reinstated democracy that dying slowly under a tyranny.
Ya basta.
To you all please help me to spread this message by forwarding it to everyone in your list and everyone in the USA government to see if we can get this message to Mr. Trump himself.

The OAS is voting today to exclude Venezuela from this organization, something the Maduro regime requested in 2017, so USA is actually helping Venezuela achieve its goal of isolating the country with the aim of remaining in power as Cuba did in the past, this is not the way. USA must imposed sanctions until Maduro is put in prison.

PS: I am reposting this again the situation in Venezuela is even worst today that when I first posted it back in June, nothing is done, Politicians talking but not action, how miserable needs Venezuela to become so that finally President Trump swamp politicians allow him to resolve this humanitarian crisis: CHILDREN ARE DYING.


Drugs, Mexico and the Wall

The new president of Mexico after the election there next July 2018 is most likely to be Mr. Lopez Obrador(LO).
LO is a left-wing radical, brewed by Cuba, the sponsor of a set of the worst tyrants in the history of South and Central America the most notorious Hugo Chavez responsible for the destruction of Venezuela and the creator of a narco government there that will not go out despite people dying from starvation, lack of medicine, crime, drugs and the total destruction of the education, health and industry. There are some other examples of those left-wing Cuban backed leaders: Evo Morales(Bolivia), Correa(Ecuador), Ortega (currently killing his own people in Nicaragua/ Ortega dictator).

We do not have to go too much back on time to learn the consequences of electing those leaders, this is modern history and happen in Venezuela and will happen in Mexico too:
• The right of citizen to bears arms will be forbidden. In Mexico, one of the worst criminal states this item is checked already. Only corrupt people in the army, police, politician and narcos can carry and freely use those arms again law-abiding people.
• The government will be run by drug cartel. In Mexico this is also a checked point, is not a secret that the current government and sure the next one is and will be run by drug cartel
• Nationalization of industry with the object of bankruptcy them and create more dependency from people already in a very fragile condition
• To negotiate with narcos and drug producing peasants to decriminalize the industry that provide drugs to the USA (Lopez Obrador next Mexican President )
• In traducing changes to the constitution to get the right to perpetual permanency in power
• Corrupting any statement of government and industry

Those above are just a few of the action taken in Venezuela and will be implemented by LO in Mexico with devastating consequences.
The Wall, now imagine the southern border of the USA when those events take place in Mexico can anyone visualize the border then, thousand of people crossing in desperation the border towards the USA, among them, thousand of criminal and drug trafficking lords who will be protected by our laws and law enforcement people to conduct their corruption and criminal activities in the safety of the USA., you can see a very small example of this happening right now, 05/30/2018 with the caravan of migrants from central America desperately trying to get into the USA and there is nothing we can do to stop them.
Unfortunately, this situation can only be solved by new laws in the congress that we all know is not going to happen unless we have a red tide next November that takes to congress honorable Americans that work with the president to enact laws that protect our country. I lost my country of origin already (Venezuela) I do not want to lose my new country the USA.