Mr. Trump please Build that Wall


As expected Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) was elected president of Mexico by a landslide, he surely will control the congress and many state governments and will enjoy a high popularity which will allow him to change the constitution to gain dictatorial powers, AMLO will promote and be the direct cause of illegal immigration into the USA, AMLO will encourage drug and human trafficking into the USA, AMLO will soon imposed socialist views of the economy with wealth redistribution, AMLO will bankrupt industry and control food production and distribution, AMLO will re-nationalized the oil industry in Mexico, in an accelerated manner extreme poverty will be the normal way of living in Mexico, waves of desperate families will be at USA southern border, drug kingpins will roam free at plain view of authorities and protected by them showing up their wealth while Mexican will starve to death, basic services will collapse, electricity, potable water, roads, transportation, hospitals and education will all collapse.
All the above will occur while in the USA, swamp politicians will encourage our own citizens to blame President Trump and go on demonstration against everything our President is trying to do to protect us.
The root cause of family separation going on with illegal families entering the USA is not President Trump, is not even our own laws, the real reason and root cause of the problems are corrupt governments all over the world and impacting the USA the most, corrupt, tyrannical governments in central and south America and now in Mexico and the swamp politicians in DC refusing to recognize the true and act properly to help those countries to regain dignity and democracy but handcuffing the USA to do good in an evil world.
I know well the scenario I described above I lived through it in Venezuela, despite the best efforts of Venezuelans trying to regain our country from the thugs led by Mr. Maduro, now Venezuela one of the richest countries in the world is one of the poorest, the oil industry is in shambles, there is not services, education, hospitals, roads, transportation, not even money as it has not value, the minimum monthly salary for Venezuelans is less than a dollar and people and children are dying in the streets. El Cartel de los Soles (High military officers) is controlling now drug production and transportation to the USA and Europe fact known by the DEA, CIA, FBI and the DOJ but they ignore this reality to be politically correct and diplomatic and hide the reality of their ineptitude.
It is evident that my past post about the possibility of AMLO elected president of Mexico was ignored and the Mexican people ignored the lessons Venezuela provided to those who want to avoid a chaotic situation, the people in Mexico and the USA continue believing in swamp corrupt politicians promising everything to everyone with the clear intention of forever dominance and stripping We the People of our freedom, Venezuela had teaching them nothing nor they care what is going to happen to families being devastated by their pursue of evil.


USA will be overrun in November if Republican do not red Tsunami Democrats


Democrats are expecting to turn the congress from red to blue next November, let us analyze the possible consequences of that scenario:
• Borders will disappear and the USA will be a free for all, desperate immigrants will flood our country, English will be a second language in our schools, law abiding citizens will be replaced by banana republic mentality of ignoring laws, honesty and principles by imported politicians and media such as the one we are seeing now in Telemundo, Univision and many politicians with foreign names speaking badly of our key principles and denigrating our laws and even our constitution, flag and national anthem.
• USA economy will migrate from an economy based in hard work, self-reliance and fair and reciprocal trade competition with the rest of the world to be again the piggy bank of the world were USA citizens subsidize the UE, China, Japan, Korea, Africa, Central and South America, Australia in fact everyone but Americans who will see their job lost, their income reduced, high taxes to pay the swamp, bad health, education and services.
• Our security will be endangered by the elimination of ICE, creation of sanctuary cities, demonization of the police and reverse discrimination in which white people are accused of racism, bigotry and harassed because of theirs believes.
• Our military will again be depleted leading from behind and be afraid of every tyranny in the world, ISIS will reemerge from the ashes, Iran will be compensated again with billion of dollars, terrorism will be allowed once more in our country as Muslin from chaotic countries will be welcome by Democrats into the USA, North Korea will sense a weakened USA and will re-start their nuclear threatening of the world, Venezuela and Cuba will again being empowered to tyrannize their citizens.
If above arguments are not a convincing case to take to congress the right kind of USA loving citizens this next November, then, we will have not reason to complain afterward, we will deserved it, so vote to guarantee our President have a congress that will pass sensible laws, appoint judges, control the size of government, drain the swamp, clean the DOJ and protect our jobs and unique and very successful way of life do not allow the USA becoming VENEZUELA.

The horrors of swamp politicians and children

The situation of separating families from their children when they enter illegally in the USA is now the battle ground for achieving political gains against President Trump.
Are swamp politicians (both parties) and fake news interested in what is happening to those families and their children?
In Venezuela, due to the tyranny of Mr. Maduro, there is the case of many children being abandoned on the streets of any major city or town because parents can not afford feeding, educating or medicines or medical treatment for them. Parents believe their children have a better chance if they are abandoned to their own fate rather than seeing them starve, get sick and die hopeless in front of them.
In Nicaragua, on the brink of a civil war, were hundreds of young people are being murdered opposing the Cuban backed government of tyrant Ortega, what do you think families options are: sending their children to the USA or allowing them to die as is happening now in Venezuela.
In all Central America and Mexico families must face the same dilemma: do I keep my children with us to be victims of crime, drugs, poverty, famine or do we send our children to the USA? The choice is obvious.
Meanwhile what swamp Politicians and fake news are doing for the situation I just described happening in all South and Central America and which results are what we are seeing in our southern border?
During the Obama administration thousands of unaccompanied children were sent by their families so they could have a better chance of a decent life in the USA, at that time swamp politicians and fake news could not care less of the separation of children from their families and the perilous trip of those unaccompanied children victims of predators and any kind of crime and gang recruiting in their desperation to reach the USA. President Obama, in his greatness will take care of them all, what a hypocrisy. Mr. Obama is busy now making money from every avenue he can put his hand on.
USA immigration laws are obsolete and do not consider the situation the world is in right now, many of our neighbors to the south are in big economic and political turmoil, Africa and the middle east are in ruins, racism, invoked so often by the swamp politicians and fake media, is rampant in once prosperous South Africa and Zimbabwe. When families are facing those dreaded situations where do you think they would like to send their children to? America the land of the free.
Why swamp Politicians and fake media are not pressing the USA congress to enact laws to fix this problem asap?
Let us support President Trump who is pushing for solutions to be enacted by congress and resisting the push of swamp politicians and fake media to radically transform our country to a lawless banana republic, the USA is a law-abiding country not a law ignoring country next November we the citizens of the USA must elect to congress patriots, democrats and republicans, that represent the true values of we the people pursuing happiness, justice and freedom for all.

Ya basta!


Venezuela is crying for help. Maduro and his narco thugs are destroying it at a pace that soon there will be not country left.
Venezuelans, while responsible of bringing to power Mr. Chavez, they also had fought against all odds and all the way to reinstate democracy and held Maduro accountable for the pillage, dead and destruction of a whole nation.
The USA, under President Trump, has imposed sanctions to individuals of the Maduro’s regimen trying to minimize their impact over the population, regrettable is not working because Venezuelans are already under extreme duress, no food, no medicines, no education, no transportation, thousands of people leaving the country, thousand more dyeing every day of starvation and illnesses.
I believe the only solution for Venezuela now is extreme sanctions to the Government the likes of the one being imposed in North Korea and producing results, those sanctions must be accompanied by credible use of force and incarceration for those in high positions in the government. Travel in and out of the country for government elites must be restricted, oil and drug trafficking which is the main source of financing for the assassin regimen must be stopped by restricting all shipping by air, sea or land to get in or out of Venezuela.
Mr. Trump had said, that the USA is respected again in the world, that the military is been rebuilt and is now the most powerful fighting force on earth, so let the USA prove Mr. Trump right by getting rid Venezuela out of those thugs that together with the Cuban regime are destroying Venezuela.
The USA can be sure that Venezuelans rather die of hunger and illnesses under a total blockade aimed a liberating Venezuela and reinstated democracy that dying slowly under a tyranny.
Ya basta.
To you all please help me to spread this message by forwarding it to everyone in your list and everyone in the USA government to see if we can get this message to Mr. Trump himself.

The OAS is voting today to exclude Venezuela from this organization, something the Maduro regime requested in 2017, so USA is actually helping Venezuela achieve its goal of isolating the country with the aim of remaining in power as Cuba did in the past, this is not the way. USA must imposed sanctions until Maduro is put in prison.

PS: I am reposting this again the situation in Venezuela is even worst today that when I first posted it back in June, nothing is done, Politicians talking but not action, how miserable needs Venezuela to become so that finally President Trump swamp politicians allow him to resolve this humanitarian crisis: CHILDREN ARE DYING.