Jerusalem and Caracas

Today it was the opening of our embassy in Jerusalem.
While I watched live the event, I saw how proud the Jewish people felt on the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the USA.
At the same time, I was reading about Palestinian dying in confrontations in Gaza and I was again saddle by the thought of people dying because corrupt politicians stage demonstrations inciting violence instead of peaceful settlement of differences, Palestinian also deserve a country and a capital, Politicians give them death, misery and despair.
Today it is also the 70th. anniversary of the creation of the state of Israel. Many years ago, I read a book about the war Jews have to fight against the Arab countries surrounding the tiny unborn country. Without the support from any civilized country government, they had to fight alone just out of the second world war which decimated Jews in concentration camps by Nazi Germany, it was only the hope of Jews of seeing each other in Jerusalem that made them fight and win against impossible odds the right to have Israel.
Jews all over the world kept a hope in their heart that they will some day be in a land all together with a capital in Jerusalem, today I dream that all Venezuelans, wherever there are, get out hearts together for Venezuela. We ignored Bolivar teachings and put our trust in corrupt Politicians and Political parties who killed him then and killed our country today, we, Venezuelans, must fight for having our country back from Maduro and corrupt political parties and re-found our country with the ideas of freedom and liberty without corruption and political parties and ideologies, we need to give Bolivar peace and Venezuela back to Venezuelans.

Venezuela, OAS and Mr. Pence

VENEZUELA is in chaos now, elderly, children, women and the most vulnerable people are starving to death or dying every day by the hundreds from illnesses, hunger or crimes., whoever can leave the country are fleeing in desperation and despair leaving behind loves one and depriving the country of its best, more educated and productive people.
ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES(OAS) had a meeting this week where Mr. Almagro, the OAS Secretary General, spoke about the crisis in Venezuela. Mr. Almagro have been very critical of the Venezuela government, Mr. Almagro denounced the atrocities of the criminal regimen in Venezuela, Mr. Almagro had spoken in every possible forum the need for American States to come together and end the tragedy in Venezuela, I herewith commend Mr. Almagro for his efforts to help the Venezuela people.
But just let us stop for a moment and analyze the previous paragraphs:
• People are dying, leaving the country by the thousands, starving, not hospital services, no medicines, no basic services this is happening for almost twenty years at plain view of the world
• OAS an international organization founded to promote democracy in our continent is full of bureaucrats representing tyrannies and corrupt governments voted many times to keep Venezuela in the OAS
• In almost twenty years the OAS have achieve nothing with regard Venezuela and I know of any other accomplishment by the OAS, ONU, NATO US Congress or any other international body of do nothing politicians
MR. PENCE, I listen to Mr. Pence words at the OAS, very nice worlds, the USA is going to continue working with our allies, the USA is going to continue imposing sanctions, the USA is given humanitarian help to Venezuelan fleeing the country, the USA is designating more Maduro government officials as narco trafficking, in the meanwhile do not worry about people dying, as Mr. Weiner, former USA congressman use to say, they are dead not more suffering for them and they will not pay taxes and will not vote for Maduro this May 20. Mr. Pence is a swamp politician born and groomed in the Washington swamp he is all empty nice words, he will do nothing for Venezuela o the USA, Mr. Pence sounded to me like one of our greatest swamp leader, expert in doing or achieving nothing, genius on protecting the status quo while watching people die in Aleppo, Venezuela, Syria lecturing us all how to lead from behind hiding until the next round of golf: the great President Obama.
Watching Mr. Pence at the OAS meeting I lost any hope I have Mr. Trump could do something for Venezuela.
I am going to be part of the red tide that will vote next November to get to Washington republicans committed to the rule of law, leading from the front and getting rid of tyrannies elsewhere in the world which is my sincere hope will be North Korea next June and Venezuela before 2018 ends.
Go Mr. Trump MAGA and MTWABP (make the world a better place)

PS: Mr. Maduro was reelected in a bogus election in which the Venezuelan people silently told the world please help us get rid of the tyranny killing us and destroying our country. Mr. Trump please MVGA (Make Venezuela Great Again)

Kanye West

I am a Latino my views of races, as I am the result of a mix of races: Black, native American, European, are free from racisms as defined by the media or political parties.
Full disclosure, I only know Kanye West for what from time to time makes news, I do not know his music and I do not care about his marriage or businesses, however, Mr. West makes news with his twiter showing support for a young black conservative, Candace Owens and then oh! might supporting the president of the United States.
I read basically two of his twiter and was amazed by how respectfully he addresses the dissent of fellow blacks, how he was calling for free speech for us all, to break the ill dependency from politicians that take advantages from blacks while keeping them as pawn for their interest, black politician of the like of Maxine Waters, rev. Al Sharpton, former President Obama do nothing to improve blacks lives they claim racism from whites against black, they claim black live in poverty because whites.
A new class of black people is rising on top of the tide that Mr. Trump is creating, blacks that believe in themselves, blacks that are not pray for swamp politicians, educated blacks, black artist and black that soon will realize must stand by our flag and national anthem instead of kneeling under the pressure of those who just want their vote.
Contrast Mr. West versus those black or white artist such as Sean Pen who is a friend of the Venezuelan revolution who is destroying a whole country and interviewed El Chapo who killed Americans and fill our streets of drugs.
Kanye West did more for the black community in a week that all politicians, we must support the new black wave which is going to MAGA, blacks have nothing to lose, the option is believing in Sean Pen, Maxine Water, Al Sharpton, Mr. Obama or Hillary Clinton, your choice.

A House Divided

The USA is divided now: Liberal, Conservative, Republican, Democrats.
In the past there was not that divide, all of us wanted for our country to be a safe and law-abiding country were we all could pursue happiness.
We went through terrible times in our history slavery being one of the worst, we fought among brothers to get rid of that abomination, we went through discrimination where many suffer because the color of their skin, we went through many wars: WWI, WWII, Korea Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, we survive the worst attack to the mainland in 9/11.
President Lincoln was clear that a house divided could not stand, he, despite the horrible implications of a civil war between North and South saw the inevitability of it to preserve the Union and our country.
We are in the same predicament today, but now we are not fighting against the abomination of slavery or tyrannies, we must fight against the abomination of a political class entrenched in their privileges, wanting to control our country and imposed ways foreign to us: Communism, Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism, none of which are part of our Constitution.
We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”.
President Trump is an American as you and me, his main fault to many: He is not a Politician.
Mr. Trump is not perfect, neither are those that criticizes him, but he is endangering a swamp of politicians who are not working for the common purpose stated in our constitution but to control a population for their personal gains and I am not making any distinction between Democrats, Republican, Conservative or Liberals they all are the new class of swamp politician now entrenched in Washington and elsewhere in the USA with not sense of country or service or decency.
Draining the SWAMP next November must be in our minds or we risk going the way of tragedy like in VENEZUELA.

Drugs, Mexico and the Wall

The new president of Mexico after the election there next July 2018 is most likely to be Mr. Lopez Obrador(LO).
LO is a left-wing radical, brewed by Cuba, the sponsor of a set of the worst tyrants in the history of South and Central America the most notorious Hugo Chavez responsible for the destruction of Venezuela and the creator of a narco government there that will not go out despite people dying from starvation, lack of medicine, crime, drugs and the total destruction of the education, health and industry. There are some other examples of those left-wing Cuban backed leaders: Evo Morales(Bolivia), Correa(Ecuador), Ortega (currently killing his own people in Nicaragua/ Ortega dictator).

We do not have to go too much back on time to learn the consequences of electing those leaders, this is modern history and happen in Venezuela and will happen in Mexico too:
• The right of citizen to bears arms will be forbidden. In Mexico, one of the worst criminal states this item is checked already. Only corrupt people in the army, police, politician and narcos can carry and freely use those arms again law-abiding people.
• The government will be run by drug cartel. In Mexico this is also a checked point, is not a secret that the current government and sure the next one is and will be run by drug cartel
• Nationalization of industry with the object of bankruptcy them and create more dependency from people already in a very fragile condition
• To negotiate with narcos and drug producing peasants to decriminalize the industry that provide drugs to the USA (Lopez Obrador next Mexican President )
• In traducing changes to the constitution to get the right to perpetual permanency in power
• Corrupting any statement of government and industry

Those above are just a few of the action taken in Venezuela and will be implemented by LO in Mexico with devastating consequences.
The Wall, now imagine the southern border of the USA when those events take place in Mexico can anyone visualize the border then, thousand of people crossing in desperation the border towards the USA, among them, thousand of criminal and drug trafficking lords who will be protected by our laws and law enforcement people to conduct their corruption and criminal activities in the safety of the USA., you can see a very small example of this happening right now, 05/30/2018 with the caravan of migrants from central America desperately trying to get into the USA and there is nothing we can do to stop them.
Unfortunately, this situation can only be solved by new laws in the congress that we all know is not going to happen unless we have a red tide next November that takes to congress honorable Americans that work with the president to enact laws that protect our country. I lost my country of origin already (Venezuela) I do not want to lose my new country the USA.

Dangerous Immigration

I will relate to my own experience in this post.
First a brief personal history.
In 2002, then President Hugo Chavez fired over twenty thousand highly experience and qualified personnel from the National Oil Company of Venezuela (PDVSA), Mr. Chavez also black listed them banning them from getting jobs at government or companies which contracted with the government.
In the period from 2002 to 2014 many of those people went abroad to get jobs as it was impossible to be employed in Venezuela, many countries benefited from that inflow of people.
Now, for the sake of clarity in this post, I will make a definition of a new class of Venezuelan:
Chavistas/Maduristas: People that benefited from the government during the period in which Chavez and Maduro occupied the presidency in Venezuela.
The time is not precise, but around 2014 a new wave of immigration from Venezuela left the country, among the good people leaving Venezuela were now Chavistas, the families of high ranking government officials such as Chavez daughters in Paris, New York, the one in New York was part of the Venezuela delegation to the UN and have an account in a New York bank over 2 billion dollars she said she earned selling Avon products, the family of Diosdado Cabello, the family of Jorge Rodriguez, the family Herman Escarra (USA), the family of Henry Falcon, Mr. Chavez cousin is now the president of CITGO (Houston), less than two miles from my house in Houston, living with a ankle bracelet in a five million mansion, is someone being prosecuted for corrupt contracts with PDVSA, may be the names I mentioned previously have no meaning for many Americans but this is the main people responsible of destroying a country, I could go with many case more but I believe this gives a good idea of that not all immigration is good and all immigrants need to be welcome without betting and with open arms.
The consequences of the latest wave of Chavistas immigrants are starting to show in the many countries they move to: in Chile a gang of Venezuelan were arrested for assaulting people in the streets, in Spain another gang for money laundering and narco trafficking ( two nephews of Cilia Flores the first lady in Venezuela are incarcerated in New York for narco trafficking) , in the USA, mainly in Miami and Houston there are many of them moving into our communities: bad people.
Now I would like to share this thoughts with you:
Why are the Department of Home Land Security, DEA, Department of State, CIA all of those department full of bureaucrats being paid with our taxes allowing Chavistas to come into the USA??????

During the government of Mr. Obama many of those Chavistas living in Miami were interrogated and released after cutting an agreement with the USA government. Mr. Obama never released those agreements that could help to prosecuted Chavistas living in the USA and the current government of Mr. Maduro????????

A disappointment

I was very hopeful with the appointment of  Mr. Tillerson as secretary of state for the Trump administration.

Mr. Tillerson was an ex-ExxonMobil CEO with ample knowledge of  oil producer countries, so I assume, Mr. Tillerson could know well Venezuela and could help, from the USA State Department, to avoid the barbary going on with the destruction of a whole country which use to be very friendly to the USA. Mr. Tillerson instead went the same way previous notorious Secretary of States (Mr. Kerry, Mss. Clinton) traveling in luxury the world, achieving nothing and claiming nonexistent successes while whole countries were in despair and people were dying from famine, wars and illnesses.

Mr. Tillerson , in the name of a weak diplomacy, afraid of offending North Korea, Iran, Arab and African countries, European “allies”, Maduro, in short afraid of every tyrant and false friends of the USA allowed the whole world become a worst place for everyone.

The USA is a very powerful country, we are law abiding people who care for others and would like the world to be a better place, we must be using our strength to avoid situations such as the one going on in Venezuela, North Korea, Palestine, Africa, Irak, Syria,  those countries, an many other around the world, are producing an incontrollable wave of desperate refugees flooding every country where they can find peace and rise their families up without fearing dead, starvation and illnesses unfortunately they also bring with them terrorism, distorted believes, poverty and crime.

When Power is used by wise leaders for the bettering of humanity is a good thing, we should be afraid of tyrants in Venezuela, Iran, Russia, Syria with not real power, but the weak “diplomacy” by the likes of Mr. Tillerson, Mr. Kerry and Mss. Clinton, to enforcing a new world of misery, poverty, dead, crime and ultimately producing the same type of conditions leading to a war.

Now, I am hopeful of Mr. Pompeo to be different and help Venezuela and all countries under tyrannies.


The November red tide



In November “We the People” need to take a very important decision among two options:

  1. To preserve the donothing establishment in Washington that want the status quo and privileges creating laws that only curtail our freedom and protect the swam. Or
  2. To create a red tide that will take to the congress (House and Senate) people who believe in the values of our founding fathers: honesty, hard work, pursue of happiness and freedom from any type of international or local oppression

The choice is obvious, despite what the media, billionaires, and Hollywood are trying to make believe that our values are obsolete and must be change by their new view of the world where everyone, but them, are poor, that there are a unlimited variety of sexes, that family is boring and kids do not need guidance from parents, drugs are fine, blacks must continue being treated as second tier citizens that only can vote for the very politicians subjugating them, no borders in the USA for anyone wanting to come here and impose on us their failed values and corrupt systems gaining voting rights allowing them to replace our successful way of life for a Venezuela model.

We are a house divided we will not stand like that for long, nowadays everything is partisan, we can not believe even science as there are partisan science about global warming, use of land, statistic data, health, demographic, criminality etc. Science used to be a reliable reference point to take crucial decision impacting us all, not longer, politicians in Washington distort facts to serves their interest at the expenses of the common.

November red tide MUST override the blue wave of despair rising over our nation.


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

USA and Venezuela needs our attention and involvement

USA and Venezuela at a cross road.
We the people of USA and Venezuela are at a cross road for two countries that are very close together in culture and values.
USA is, at this moment, in a very dangerous road that Venezuela went with devastating results.
First, current Venezuela in a nutshell:
• High criminality
• It went from one of the richest country in the world to extreme poverty in less than twenty years
• A political system corrupt and totalitarian
• Highest inflation in the world
• Politicians representing their own interest
• Starvation and death from lack of food and medicine
• Mass exodus of population
• Narcotrafficking at the very high levels of the military statement
Above is a small depiction of what politicians can do to a country.

Venezuela is sad proof of that, because is in plain view of everyone, there is not intent of hiding by the Venezuela regimen what they are doing.
Venezuela is now alone, international organizations such as the United Nations (UN), Organization of American States (OEA), International Criminal Court all full of do nothing/achieve nothing politicians and mainly funded by the USA are ignoring a whole country in crisis with old people and children dying every day in one of the worst ever corrupt takeover of a country.
USA is next.