Trump USA vs. Swamp Politicians

Thanks god, Trump is not a politician.
The USA has been very fortunate that most Americans are starting to wake up to the reality of entrenched swamp politicians doing nothing for our country.
Those swamp Politicians can be seen every day in radio, television and elsewhere given opinion about how our President should be doing things the same way they have done for long time and taken the USA to near ruin.
It can be seen how they misrepresent statements made by Mr. Trump, just for the sake of taking a President elect down and replace him with the status quo they thrive on: corruption, people dominance, vices. In short, THE SWAMP.
Just some examples of misrepresenting Mr., Trump statements:
• Charlottesville. Mr. Trump referring to the controversy about the removal of historic statues said “I think there’s blame on both sides. I don’t have any doubt about it and you don’t have any doubt it either. And if you reported it accurately, you would say it.” The President was referring to people on both sides of the debate about the removal of historic statues, he was not referring to white nationalist or antifa. Swamp politicians and media blasted the President as white nationalist. We can argue the President is not the best speaker and communicator in the USA, the President is not those political correct people that say empty words that mean nothing, but everybody loves because they sound nice.
• Member of Congress, there is a record number of swamp politician retiring from congress, they can not work in a time that they must achieve something for the USA, they do not know how, so they are leaving for greener pastures, in the meanwhile, they are not wasting opportunities to bash our President calling him sexist, racist or misogynistic. Those same swamp Politicians while desperately looking for the President endorsement denigrate him at any chance.
• Muslin, The President using good judgement and common sense tried and failed, to ban the entrance of people from the muslin faith coming from troubled countries into the USA, his reasoning was that it is very difficult to identify Muslin terrorist coming in within the good Muslin trying to reach the USA in search of a better life, so trying to defend the USA Mr. Trump tried to restrict and better control the entrance of potentially dangerous terrorists, for that Mr. Trump was label as anti-Muslin.
• Illegals, Mr. Trump said “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best,” he said during the announcement. “They’re not sending you, they’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime. They’re rapists and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and they’re telling us what we’re getting.” Swamp Politician and liberal media jump at the opportunity all over the place and in collusion said that this is a racist remark, companies retired their endorsement of then candidate Trump. I am an immigrant myself, I can see that many of the people coming from Venezuela now are very bad people, they are the corrupt and narco traffickers that are destroying Venezuela now and then, bad people are destroying Mexico, Central America and many countries in South America the Middle East and Africa, real bad people that once their countries are not able to offer security, health, education they try to come to the USA among those good people really looking for a better future, but you no hear any thing about this problem from swamp politicians and they do not do anything in congress either.
The good thing is, Trump USA is full of decent and honest USA loving Americans, we love our country dearly, may be Mr. Trump is not the great communicator, but he was able to awaken us of the dangers of swamp politicians who destroy whole countries like my beautiful Venezuela, in November we all must take the opportunity to replace those swamp politicians by real USA loving Americans.


Handcuffed USA

The USA is the major force for good in the world, however more and more it can be seen swamp politicians, liberals, and rich Hollywood artist disconnected from reality believe the USA is evil.
It can be seen daily quotes from above mentioned group of people defending MS13, illegal immigrants, bashing police and ICE agents trying to do their job exposing themselves to danger and many times losing their live to protect and serve those same people criticizing them.
Let us try to find what those swamp politicians, liberal artist and rich people have done for what is wrong in the USA and the world:
• When ISI was beheading journalist, burning alive a young Jordanian pilot, throwing gays to their dead from roof tops, killing innocent children, women and elderly in the name of Islam, what was doing the notorious group of liberals, it is an easy answer: Nothing. I even heard notable explanations for this happening, ISIS is a varsity group, Crusaders did the same or worst centuries ago, so I suppose, ISIS have the right to do the same now.
• Venezuela(Cuba), there is an exodus occurring now in my country of origin, Venezuela. People is leaving the country in desperation, the ones staying are the elderly, women, sick and they are dying in masses in the worst massacre since the Jew genocide during world war II. There is not democracy, this is narco trafficking corrupt group of people backed by Cuba, Russia, China, Turkey which sacked the gold reserves, stole the oil industry and are killing, torturing, and terrorizing its own citizen.
Let us again trying to find what our infamous swamp politicians, glamorous artists, liberals are doing for Venezuela, you rightly guessed it again: Nothing.
• What in the last 30 years the USA did for North Korea: Nothing.
• What are those athletes kneeling during the national anthem and artist and swamp politicians doing for black people dying every day in our own cities, Chicago, Baltimore: Nothing.
• Where are those people when the USA need them: in the Congress of the USA, in the Oscars, Emmys, doing drugs, drinking, driving Ferraris, inside our living rooms in our TV sets teaching us how to be Americans, because they are the real Americans, not us who work for a living, teaching us to be tolerant with MS13, ISIS, illegal immigrants, please do not torture to get info about murderers killing innocents in Venezuela, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq because that is un American. Please do not do any thing to end injustice in the world and here in the USA because those oppressed are the one who vote for us, come illegally to the USA and become the enemy within who soon will replace our values with those values destroying Venezuela.
Those people handcuffed the greatest nation in the world, the USA, we now are a do-nothing nation, liberal media, Democratic party, Republican party, artist, athletes constantly complaining about our President who is at least trying to lead reverting evil in the world.
Next November we will have a unique opportunity to take to congress people who really value our history and values and support an outstanding President.


“How America normalized the murder of schoolchildren”
This is a post in The Week published Friday 18, 2018.
I hope this title is as chocking to most of the good people in the USA as it was chocking to me.
Only a twisted mind, could even think and generalize that America will normalized the murdering of children, we, and I think I am speaking for America, never did normalize, and we will ever normalize the murdering of children, that was a sick thought of someone exposing his worst and assuming good people think like him, nope, we do not.
Let us think now some normalization going on in America by liberals, artists, fake news and swamp politicians from both major political parties:
How liberals, artists, swamp politicians and fake news normalized Abortion
Abortion is the destruction of life at an industrial level, main source of income for Planned Parenthood which on top of it received almost half billion dollars from our taxes to destroy life. What about Governor Cuomo of New York encouraging women to kill unborn, unprotected children shouting in a Political meeting “it is your body you decide”, what about the scientific community that say that abortion is right if you cannot hear the beat of the fetus hart and that fetus do not feel any pain when killed, ignoring the fact that the world is spared of a future human being.
How liberals, artist, swamp politicians and fake news normalized Homosexuality
I am an old straight man, I know homosexuality existed from a very young age, I saw homosexuals among us and I never thought of homosexuality as a bad thing, I just thought of homosexuals as different people the same way as a short, brown, Latino, who I am, is different from a white, tall American nothing else not judgement on homosexuality good or bad simply different.
Now I am watching a lot of television shows, I just got hernia surgery, and in every show I am watching, there is a scene of homosexual exchange, woman to woman, man to man, even one of the show, shows a fictional Mexico President in an homosexual relationship with another man, every show has to have a pair of woman in a lesbian relation, those shows airs at any time during the day regardless of young audiences access to those shows and exposing them to views of adult exchanges that in the past use to be private and now are the new normal, is not.
How liberals, artist, swamp politicians and fake news normalized bad Government
We can see how bad Governments became normal, Politicians achieving nothing to benefiting the People but benefitting the one percent, which by the way, they are not the billionaires and millionaires that Mr. Sanders refers too often, the one percent are athletes, artists, liberal media moguls, swamp politicians who live in a fantasy island of greed and forget their values once they made their first million dollar.
We have suffered for years the neglect of hundreds of congressmen doing nothing and covering up their incompetence, we have suffered for years of the presidencies of 44, 43, 41, 39 taking us to wars, overseen the destruction of our industrial base sending our jobs to China, India, Europe and every other country and amassing huge deficit and debts. But this is the new normal, Government not by the People for the People but against the People and please do not complain.
We see nowadays that Mr. Trump is trying to revert to a government as per our constitution, from the very beginning of his presidency Mr. Trump is being attacked by everyone who sees his reality endangered by the true the People demanded and voted for, this is the normal.

The Second Amendment

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”
I will give my personal account on living in countries where the right to bear arms exist or it is forbidden.
England: I lived in England for three years in the early 1980 I have two children born there and currently living in London.
England ban its citizen from bearing arms. When I lived there even the police did not have any arms and violence conducting to dead was very unusual, at that time the IRA, a terror group from Ireland was the major existing source of violent crime.
I now go to England from time to time to visit my children and great children, London had changed radically, now is a vibrant cosmopolitan city, the change also brought armed policemen everywhere, gone the times of unarmed Bobbies.
Changes I figure, due to integration to the European Union (EU) which open a very close society and brought cultural diversity to London, now you can eat Spanish, French, Italian products banned before in England, great food now in London. However, migration from violent countries brought also uneducated, different religions with different approach to the English society and different ways of settling differences and terrorism, now England needs an armed police force and soon will need to arm their lawful citizens to help avoid the awful scene of a pair of terrorist killing with knifes an unarmed young soldier in the middle of a London street and bombing of innocent civilians in London buses and tube.
Venezuela: In Venezuela lawful citizens could bear arms until Mr. Chavez became President. Mr. Chavez moved quickly to ban civilian possession of fire arms, when the people started to oppose his totalitarian tendencies and took to the streets to protest his corrupt regimen he sent his armed tugs against unarmed people protesting his regime, when the Police try to protect the people from those armed government tugs, Mr. Chavez disarmed the police too leaving the people at the mercy of the regime, a totalitarian regime was founded then. Dictators fear arm lawful citizens, in a country of free lawful armed people tyrannical and oppressive regimes will not exist. Cuba is another example of what is going now in Venezuela.
USA: I came to the USA in 2006 I became a citizen in 2013, I bought my arms soon after and got my concealed carrying permit while in Houston, I trained extensively in gun safety and proper usage of arms and carry them occasionally, I felt safe and able to protect my wife, myself and others if need be when I carry, I defend the second amendment.
For the sake of discussion let us contrast the way President Obama and President Trump act on one issue related to the second amendment:
Mr. Obama while in government ban the distribution of surplus military grade weapon to the police.
Mr. Trump is again authorizing the distribution of military grade to the police.
The Police defend lawful citizens against violent criminals and in this country powerful arms find its way to criminals and drug traffickers leaving the police at a disadvantage.
Who is protecting lawful citizens Mr. Obama or Mr. Trump?
Who has totalitarian tendencies the one afraid of armed lawful police and citizens or the one unafraid of its armed lawful police and citizens?
Another area for discussion: Why Politicians try to take arms from lawful citizens going after our constitutional right to bear arms, instead of going the way of solving the root causes of violent crime: Drugs, poverty, education, loss of moral values, mental illnesses.
The swamp in Washington blames the second amendment as a way of hiding their inability to tackle the real problem in this country SWAMP POLITICIAMS.


I will try, as a plain citizen, to recreate from memory what I know about the Mueller investigation of Donald Trump presidential campaign, I will try to be factual but not necessarily accurate with my time line:
1. Election day, all polls gave not chance to Mr. Trump to get the electoral colleges needed to defeated Mrs. Clinton
2. Mr. Trump got enough electoral colleges and became the 45th president of the United States
3. Inauguration day, half USA in disbelieve while half USA still cautious about our choice of president
4. Mrs. Clinton and the losing party went touring all liberal media explaining the impossible loss
5. Every Liberal media anchor and political analyst and many Republicans (Romney, McCain, Corker, Flake) explaining why Mr. Trump is unfit to serve
6. USA Congress started confirmation hearings for Mr. Trump team, one who went quickly thought the process was Mr. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General
7. Surprising Mr. Trump and without consulting first with him, Mr. Sessions recuse himself from any investigation related to Mr. Trump campaign collusion with Russia
8. Mr. Rosenstein, an Obama leftover, became the boss of Mr. Comey head of the FBI and another Obama leftover
9. Mr. Comey leaked information and under his own admission stated that the leaking was intended to encourage the appointment of a special prosecutor for the alleged Russia collusion
10. Mr. Mueller, a former head of the FBI and friend and former boss of Mr. Comey is appointed by Mr. Rosenstein:

“Mueller took the reins of a federal investigation that Comey first opened in July 2016 in the middle of the presidential campaign. Mueller is authorized to investigate “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation,” according to Rosenstein’s order”

11. Mr. Mueller have not budget or time limits for this investigation, Mr. Mueller investigation is only controlled by Mr. Rosenstein and have not scope limits or definition other that the one in cursives in paragraph 10 in this blog
12. Fast forward one year to 2018, Mueller still investigating, still spending unlimited amount of taxpayer dollar ruining lives, etc.
You can get you own conclusions, I just got one:

Jerusalem and Caracas

Today it was the opening of our embassy in Jerusalem.
While I watched live the event, I saw how proud the Jewish people felt on the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the USA.
At the same time, I was reading about Palestinian dying in confrontations in Gaza and I was again saddle by the thought of people dying because corrupt politicians stage demonstrations inciting violence instead of peaceful settlement of differences, Palestinian also deserve a country and a capital, Politicians give them death, misery and despair.
Today it is also the 70th. anniversary of the creation of the state of Israel. Many years ago, I read a book about the war Jews have to fight against the Arab countries surrounding the tiny unborn country. Without the support from any civilized country government, they had to fight alone just out of the second world war which decimated Jews in concentration camps by Nazi Germany, it was only the hope of Jews of seeing each other in Jerusalem that made them fight and win against impossible odds the right to have Israel.
Jews all over the world kept a hope in their heart that they will some day be in a land all together with a capital in Jerusalem, today I dream that all Venezuelans, wherever there are, get out hearts together for Venezuela. We ignored Bolivar teachings and put our trust in corrupt Politicians and Political parties who killed him then and killed our country today, we, Venezuelans, must fight for having our country back from Maduro and corrupt political parties and re-found our country with the ideas of freedom and liberty without corruption and political parties and ideologies, we need to give Bolivar peace and Venezuela back to Venezuelans.

Venezuela, OAS and Mr. Pence

VENEZUELA is in chaos now, elderly, children, women and the most vulnerable people are starving to death or dying every day by the hundreds from illnesses, hunger or crimes., whoever can leave the country are fleeing in desperation and despair leaving behind loves one and depriving the country of its best, more educated and productive people.
ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES(OAS) had a meeting this week where Mr. Almagro, the OAS Secretary General, spoke about the crisis in Venezuela. Mr. Almagro have been very critical of the Venezuela government, Mr. Almagro denounced the atrocities of the criminal regimen in Venezuela, Mr. Almagro had spoken in every possible forum the need for American States to come together and end the tragedy in Venezuela, I herewith commend Mr. Almagro for his efforts to help the Venezuela people.
But just let us stop for a moment and analyze the previous paragraphs:
• People are dying, leaving the country by the thousands, starving, not hospital services, no medicines, no basic services this is happening for almost twenty years at plain view of the world
• OAS an international organization founded to promote democracy in our continent is full of bureaucrats representing tyrannies and corrupt governments voted many times to keep Venezuela in the OAS
• In almost twenty years the OAS have achieve nothing with regard Venezuela and I know of any other accomplishment by the OAS, ONU, NATO US Congress or any other international body of do nothing politicians
MR. PENCE, I listen to Mr. Pence words at the OAS, very nice worlds, the USA is going to continue working with our allies, the USA is going to continue imposing sanctions, the USA is given humanitarian help to Venezuelan fleeing the country, the USA is designating more Maduro government officials as narco trafficking, in the meanwhile do not worry about people dying, as Mr. Weiner, former USA congressman use to say, they are dead not more suffering for them and they will not pay taxes and will not vote for Maduro this May 20. Mr. Pence is a swamp politician born and groomed in the Washington swamp he is all empty nice words, he will do nothing for Venezuela o the USA, Mr. Pence sounded to me like one of our greatest swamp leader, expert in doing or achieving nothing, genius on protecting the status quo while watching people die in Aleppo, Venezuela, Syria lecturing us all how to lead from behind hiding until the next round of golf: the great President Obama.
Watching Mr. Pence at the OAS meeting I lost any hope I have Mr. Trump could do something for Venezuela.
I am going to be part of the red tide that will vote next November to get to Washington republicans committed to the rule of law, leading from the front and getting rid of tyrannies elsewhere in the world which is my sincere hope will be North Korea next June and Venezuela before 2018 ends.
Go Mr. Trump MAGA and MTWABP (make the world a better place)

PS: Mr. Maduro was reelected in a bogus election in which the Venezuelan people silently told the world please help us get rid of the tyranny killing us and destroying our country. Mr. Trump please MVGA (Make Venezuela Great Again)