Narco governments

Narcotraffickers are becoming more and more sophisticated, instead of Carteles fighting each other within a country, now they realize that is more cost effective to have a whole country dedicated to narco-trafficking, using the country resources, protected by the police and army, passing benevolent laws and benefiting from open borders and free trade agreements.
There are three countries so penetrated by Narcotrafficker that they do not even bother to hide the facts that they are narco states which main source of revenue derive from trafficking drugs:
• Venezuela is a Narco State which entire government is linked to narcotrafficking from tyrant Maduro down. Despite loosing almost all revenue from oil, you still can see Government officers, Generals, Ministers enjoying the high live with Ferraris, private jets, lavish parties and trips and mansions in one country where the people are starving to death.
• Colombia and Mexico are in a more evolved stage, their governments were penetrated by narco money long time ago, but their governments want to keep an appearance of public legitimacy while benefiting from drug money. The same show of richness by few Government and military officers and drugs capos, while impoverished people seek refuge in USA.
Venezuela, Colombia and México are narco states exporting drugs and crime to the largest consuming economies in the world, USA and the European Community (EC).
Here in the USA we have law enforcement agencies (CIA, DEA, ICE), congress, Department of Justice (DoJ), why are those agencies not preventing the inflow of drugs into USA? Is our government also being penetrated by corrupt narco money? Is the Chapo Guzman extradition and trial in the USA just a cover up to more powerful political players elsewhere in our government. Why, if the CIA, DEA know what the main players of this trade are, is no one being prosecuted?
Our youth are dying or creating a whole generation addicted to very powerful drugs and unable to be part of a modern society, they are easy pray to exotic liberalism and socialism convincing them the government will provide for them, like in Venezuela and in the same way Pablo Escobar Gaviria did in Medellin, as long as they play by the rules of total dependency and submission to the Narcos if not they will kill you now in masses by starvation and depriving people of basic services, education and health.
It can be noticed that CIA, DEA, Congress is doing nothing to counter this narco regimes. There is big money and show in Wars and Drugs to get advantage of, we will need to pay CIA, DEA, Politicians, we will need walls to stop desperate people invading our country, we will need judges, military equipment, health service for drug addition, jails for minorities: BIG BUSSINESS.

PS: Finally @realDonaldTrump government is backing the new #Venezuela government and had help to gain traction from other Governments in Europe and South America.

There is high hopes Venezuela will get rid of Maduro’s narco tyranny, meanwhile in desperation those narco thugs are killing more Venezuelans and are not allowing humanitarian aid to reach people in need of food and medicine,

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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