Warren taxes on Billionaires

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is proposing taxing the mega rich with the argument that an NFL owner just recently bough a 100 Million mega yacht and that a better use for that money and she knows better than a Billionaire about finances, is to pay college debt for students.
I will do a ball park assessment of what impact a big tax in billionaires be:
1. There will not be Billionaires as there will not incentive to create and enjoy wealth, so the money supposedly coming from taxing Billionaires will dry very rapidly
2. Mega yachts are a highly sophisticated industry with boutique design, engineering and naval architect firms creating unique yachts using high end material, technologies, craft, engineers and labor. This industry will disappear killing highly skilled, professional of every discipline, high paid employees very difficult to train and replace once gone
3. Fine furniture, exotic woods from sustainable forest, ebonists, welders, composite materials, sophisticated high efficiency low polluting engines, solar cells, portable power generation and water treatment plants will not be developed for this highly demanding market curtailing innovation and creating unemployment
4. Ultra-low Sulphur diesels will not be demanded by people who can afforded and those cost will be imposed on the trucking industry ricing prices for every day American, taxing the needed instead of the rich
5. Captain, chefs, yacht crews, maintenance crew, insurers, janitors will lose rewarding high paying jobs
Those above are just the Billionaires who like to enjoy a yacht, but the same will happen with mansions, super cars, luxury cabins and land preserved by those mega rich.
What about philanthropy, where those Billionaires help noble causes in a far more efficient way that government bureaucrats.
We could hope that Sen. Warren is just ignorant, but is not, she knows far well the devastating implication of her tax proposal as they are not new and had been implemented with dreadful consequences in all socialist, lefties, liberal societies.
We know the terrible consequences of taxing productive people and entrepreneurs, Venezuela is a current example of those lefties policies, but nevertheless people fall for it and vote for them more and more as a mirage of getting everything from the state, education, health care, cell phone, food stamps, housing is an irresistible call by con artists impersonating Politicians. The stakes are very high, those who buy into Sen. Warren, Clintons, Harris, Sanders, AOC and many more narratives are just paving the way for the destruction of USA, those people just want your vote for ever to keep you as pawns while they will enjoy the sweet product of their deceits.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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