Is now or never for Venezuela

Venezuela as a country is disappearing rapidly.
There is need for a foreign intervention or the country will cease to exist as part of the community of nations and will strength its position as a narco-terrorist state governed by Maduro and his band of thugs.
Let us try to make a case why is now or never for Venezuela:
1. There are countries which are taking a direct impact of what is going on in Venezuela, namely: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina that are now friendly governments which understand the illegitimacy of the current Maduro’s tyranny
2. Venezuela is a narco-terrorist state sponsoring drug trafficking to USA and Europe and financing Hezbollah with links to Iran and Turkey
3. Venezuelans are suffering acute lack of services, food, education, medicines and health. People there are dying at rates reaching holocaust scale
4. The longer this situation persist the harder will it be for the country to return to democracy
5. USA government under President Trump is more incline to intervene in Venezuela and restore democracy
What is needed is that Venezuelans living abroad start a campaign of rising awareness and political pression in order to get an intervention that bring an end to the crisis in Venezuela.
The responsibility is now on us, all Venezuelans living abroad, we can not abandon our mothers, sisters, brothers, relatives and friends suffering immensely Maduro’s tyranny.
What do we need to do?
1. To form an association representing all Venezuelans out side Venezuela who wants to reinstate a democracy there
2. To request a definitive intervention from the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and any other country where exiles from Venezuela in the world are, to remove the illegitimate tyranny of Nicolas Maduro and his thugs
3. To combat the notion that progressive sanctions will eventually help removing the tyranny. Sanctions are just helping Maduro to consolidate his power maintaining Venezuelans struggling for survival instead of mounting a coordinate effort to remove Maduro
4. It is important to expose the false premise that the Political parties and opposition in Venezuela are the ones representing the people against Maduro, they are accessories to it and will be necessary to remove them as well if Venezuela ever return to democracy
5. In USA we must gain allies in the government of President Trump and in congress. A lobbying campaign must be implemented to John Bolton, Senator Rubio, Ambassador Nicky Haley and many others friendly to Venezuela and to counter miss information, swamp politicians and artist supporting the tyranny
6. Once a world-wide association representing Venezuelans abroad is stablished a campaign to gain access to funds to finance actions and lobbying can be initiated among Venezuelan empresarios and people willing to reinstate democracy
The last voting drive in the world by Venezuelans showed that there is a potential for organizing a powerful lobbying group which could free Venezuela.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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