I just feeling like the pilgrims today. Far from my country of origin and alone, many of my love ones, friends and family left behind in a country which is being systematically destroyed.
I am fighting my fight and struggling in my new country, as I hear the media saying, I am brown, speak poor English, my chances of making it here are seldom good, I am short and different.
But I was fortunate to land in USA, despite obvious short comings for me, this is the land of opportunities, they are there, around us, everywhere for any one to see and grab, my time will come.
I have here good American neighbors, friends from Mexico, Honduran, Nicaragua, Venezuela. I hear Spanish everywhere I live in Houston, Texas, although my English is improving more and more. I am a Republican and I voted for Donald Trump, I can almost hear people gasping.
I am invited by friends to share a thanksgiving dinner, we will eat and drink, give thanks for what we have and then Kareoke everyone.
While I will be enjoying thanksgiving my hart is heavy, my eighty-eight years old mother is in Venezuela, friends, family, relatives there are suffering, they will not have turkey or for many no meal at all while Maduro and acolytes will enjoy banquets, drinks and everything they are able to get out of ransacking a whole country.
Happy thanksgiving everyone, I am very thankful of being here in USA.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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