After removing the media hatred screen, we have a very good President.

Donald Trump
If we do not pay attention to most of the media reporting on the President, if we are able to separate garbage from reality, fake news from real news and hysterical reporters screaming crazy questions at Mrs. Sanders, a picture of a very good President will emerge for all to see.
Let us try to do an analysis of our President:
On economics:
The President is leading the USA out of awful agreements that neuter our economy, sent our best paid jobs overseas, transfer our intellectual property to our enemies, finance terrorism and paid other countries to fight global warming and pollution, they willingly generate, by increasing by trillions our national debt and mortgaging the future of our youth. Those are facts backed by hard data and felt by the American people, The President correct actions are lowering unemployment, getting people out of food stamps, forcing other nations to be more environmentally friendly, reducing trade unbalances and increasing contribution to their own defenses taking partially the burden out of USA tax payers backs.
On immigration:
The President, despite a political set back from conservatives, has pledge to give a path to citizenship to illegals already in this country and DACA recipients under the condition that our obsolete immigration laws be updated, and the USA borders be protected. This offer had not passed a Republican dominated congress and do not have the support of the Democratic party which always have pushed for this in the past.
The President is protecting USA citizen from terrorism, banning entrance of people coming from war/terrorist countries.
The President want people coming to USA will merge into our culture and enriched it as many immigrants did in our past, not to come to our country with radical ideologies contrary to freedom, respect for the law and against our Constitution.
On foreign relation:
The President is willing to engage awful regimes to help advance peace and freedom to change tyrants into responsible world leaders, North Korea, Iran are examples of his willingness to engage in productive relationship, it is up to those regimes to accept his offer. The President promotes the defense of every country interest in a reciprocal and productive way with USA.
The President is the only one I heard, that is keeping the option open to use the military to free Venezuela from the oppressive, tyrant regime now there, this idea, that all Venezuelan support, was deem impossible by all swamp politicians here in the USA, South America and even by the so called opposition in Venezuela allowing the slaughter of innocent children, elderly and promoting the massive exodus of Venezuelan out of their country which have been taken over by narcotraffickers who send their drug to the USA to ruin our people here.
Race relation:
The President had always said, “what do you have to lose” to the black community, it turns out that blacks are far better off now under President Trump that they were under our first black President. Chicago is a good example when local swamp politician resists the wave of change for the better hoping to keep a grip on black voters. Blacks must remove the Democratic party chains and free themselves to the opportunities this President is opening for us all.
And I can keep on going and going, in short, we do have a very good President.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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