Worst nightmare a non-politician President

What could it be that a sizable part of USA population is against anything President Trump is trying to achieve during his presidency?
Let us try to analyze what are the main reasons of a so viral opposition to some one trying to do a job that many in the past performed without arising so much bad or good passion.
There are many participants in this drama:
• Existing Politicians
• The media
• Liberals, Democrats, Socialists, left leaning people

How does President Trump actions play to those different constituencies?
Existing Politicians:
Also known as the swamp. Politicians evolved to be people who does nothing, achieve nothing, promises a lot, speak nice but with not meaning, break laws while demanding others to follow them, enrich themselves with very low paying jobs (How?), live in mansions, have excellent health insurance they deny to the rest of us and fight fearlessly anyone who dear to uncover above view of them.
Do we need an explanation of existing politicians disgust for President Trump?
He is none of the above and he is a permanent reminder of the need to get rid of the swamp.
The Media:
Also known as “Fake news”. The media is using President Trump’s unconventional(efficient) approach to solving the main problems impacting USA to misrepresent to the people the true, hence, fake news. The media in conjunction with Politicians wants the people to live in a virtual world, where what happens is inevitable, people needs to accept their fate as politicians explain it to them and is reinforced by the media and enacted laws to deprive the freedom of the people to build their own future, in other words the pursuit of happiness.
The media and President Trump are in parallel universes:
One Universe of virtual realities, a world where elites want a working class to sustain the privileges of a few, Venezuela, Cuba are good examples.
The other Universe where the many want a few to represent them all, to protect our borders, our citizens, provide us all with good infrastructure, services, education, health care.
Summarizing a Government for the people by the people which best example happens to be USA under President Trump.
Liberals, Democrats, Socialists, left leaning people.
Also known as demms, lefties, liberals, antifa. Very confusing mix of racist people attacking others of racism, quoting slavery as the main reason of maladies caused by them to black people while ignoring that war was fought and lost by them, demms, and since black people are working their way out of the stereotypes imposed by the democratic party on them.
Even more confusing, they believe in the existence of every kind of genders. Male and female are not enough. While we must respect our differences and think of different people as enriching our society with their rainbow views of life, that have nothing to do with gender.
This people also believe in abortion, they believe an unborn human being is not worthy of any protection under our laws and is a privilege and a right for any woman to terminate a life.
The people in this category believe in open borders, free drugs while banning fire arms, with total disregard for the fact that drugs kills a lot more people than fire arms and gang and drug related deaths exceed by far mass attack on civilian by deranged individuals.
Antifa the violent arm of the ones in this category, supported and praise by pacifist and the media, singing the virtues of harassment in homes and public spaces, the destruction of property for a noble cause, incited by the Maxines, Pelosis, Schummers, Harris, leaders of this movement to submit the working class to their capricious desires and uncontested truth and terminate this evil President.
Unfortunately, the people still believe in this segment of our population and just gave them the control of the House of Representatives, so we all will soon see what this will mean for our country, I know already, I felt still for my country of origin Venezuela where these people took control and destroy the country I still carry in my heart.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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