President Trump Rally in Houston


I attended President Donald Trump rally in Houston on 10/22/2018.
I left my house in north Houston around 12:30 pm and reach Toyota center around 1:15 pm. I paid forty dollars to park my car, special price for the event.
Now, I must find the end of the line, first I found a VIP group where a yelling Trump volunteer asked me if I was a Trump VIP supported, I said to the yelling lady I do not know so she yelled back at me and said: then you are not move out. I followed her instruction and move anxiously looking for the end of the line, I asked a policeman, plenty of them anywhere, the policeman kindly told me to walk down the street, around the block get to a hotel, get to the right then to the left until Dallas. Dallas the city I asked, bear in mind we are in Houston, do we have great people in blue or not, instead of incarcerating me the policeman told me, not man the street but if people continue coming like this, soon is going to get to Dallas.
Finally, I reached the end of the line, may be five blocks from the entrance to the arena, street vendors everywhere with Trump paraphernalia, red MAGA caps, T-Shirts, buttons. I was already hurt by the parking payment and refrain of buying anything.
I ate my first sandwich with a sip from my water bottle, a lady asked me, ham and cheese? Yes, I told the old lady, while walking intermittently towards the entrance we could see the debris and chairs left behind by the night campers, people slept on the streets to get a chance to see President Trump.
Near the Toyota center a gigantic TV set gave advices to the crow: Please do not touch or be aggressive towards protester, just rise you Trump signs over your head and wait for the police to remove the protesters, how is that for GOP civility, I felt great, then a jumper try to get into the cue, a old lady spring into action and the whole group promptly call the guy out with a policeman who remove him, we all felt relief, this is America, not cue jumpers allowed. I though about the need for building the wall as the jumper looks foreign to me.
Two hours walking, we are within sight range to enter the arena, we were commenting we are almost there and could make it inside, I ate my second, yes, ham and cheese sandwich on fear I have to throw it away at the security check point, I gulped it down with what was left of my bottle of water.
I made it through security, inside the arena at last, a deserved visit to the rest room, and walk to get a good chair, too late, it was a few past three pm, best chairs already taken, I found an advantage point about two hundred yards from where the President will be standing.
Very good and loud music while a continuous inflow of people kept pouring in, suddenly a guy was calling the attention of people wanting to take selfies with him, I started taking pictures of the guy while trying to recognize him, a senator? a representative? a local politician? No, it was the pillow man, what is this guy doing here? he is from Minnesota, but I can tell you, he was friendly and never refuse anyone for a picture with him.
Now we are getting closer, first commitment, nice words, then pledge of allegiance to the flag, then the national anthem, we all stand. Nice to see and feel the devotion and love for the USA by those attending.
A series of speakers followed: Texas Governor, Texas lieutenant governor, senators, Lara and Erick Trump, Parscale/Piersen combo, now senator Cruz fiery speech highlighting the shortcoming of opponent Beto O’Rourke and, at last, introducing @realDonaldTrump.
I love the President, my next chair neighbor and I commenting on President Trump business like approach to solving our pressing problems, he is not a politician, he is keeping his promises, he is achieving results, I exposed myself to my new friend that I was from Venezuela, he was very sorry about the situation in my country of origin, then we commented on the Caravan/Invasion coming from Central America.
The President, very entertaining, Pocahontas hilarious, Spartacus, Pelosi, Schumer and low IQ Watters, but also the best USA economy ever, low unemployment and explaining why he has low popularity among foreign countries, why could them, if I am stopping those countries ripping off the USA.
Mid Term election are very important for this country, they are going to be the difference to continue the way to prosperity or going the way of poverty and socialism and end up like Venezuela.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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