Move to Venezuela

It can be noticed more and more a reference to Venezuela by the president or any conservative who wishes to defend USA from a lefty takeover.
“Venezuela is not doing so well” President Trump voice in his meetings.
“I stand for flag, kneel for cross” If you do not like it move to Venezuela.
I paid your ticket to Venezuela Ocasio-Cortez, says Laura Ingraham.
Those expressions are very hurtful to me: I am from Venezuela.
Since I move to USA in 2006, I can see the gradual move to “Socialism” pushed by liberal, lefties, media, artist, athletes and academia.
The election of President Obama was a gigantic step towards socialism. I could see implementing division among races, gender, social status, blaming one group for the shortcoming of others, pushing egalitarianisms while pursuing diversity, perverting our youth, legalization of drugs, demonizing American conservatism and Christianism prizing Islamism, open borders, inefficient government, prioritizing hand overs to people rather than creating opportunities, efficient destruction of our manufacturing base and weakening our military and our stand as a powerful deterrent of evil in the world but fomenting wars and destruction. ISIS was a varsity group, in Venezuela Hugo Chavez was a charismatic leader fighting poverty and analphabetism, stop Cuba self-isolation and reward Iran for their Islamic tyranny.
I witnessed all the above in Venezuela. If you want to verify my words: MOVE TO VENEZUELA.
A typical day in Venezuela:
• Se fue la luz (No electricity)
• No llego el agua todavía (There is not running water yet)
• No hay nada en el supermercado (There are not goods in the supermarket)
• Mataron a fulanito por el celular (Someone was killed to rob his cel)
• No hay repuestos para reparar el carro (There is not spare parts for my car)
• Maduro y sus aliados están cada vez más gordos (Maduro and thugs ara fattier)
• No hay medicinas para mi hipertensión (There are not high blood pressure medication)
• Mira la gente comiendo de la basura (Look at people eating from garbage bins)
• Ese niño se esta muriendo de hambre (That kid is starving to death)
Socialists made a lot of promises that look good: Health care for all, open borders, USA must accept refugees for all over the world because we are to blame for the conditions their countries are in any way, tax the rich until there will not be no more rich people anymore.
There is a strange phenomenon in Socialist Venezuela, while ninety-nine percent of population are in a desperate state of poverty, there is a one percent extremely rich: high up Government officials, high rank military and Narcos.
If you hear Politicians promising a better Socialist society you do not need to wait just MOVE TO VENEZUELA.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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