The court of public opinion and mob justice

Even so I am a conservative, I am a big fan of The Orville a very liberal show made with incredible intelligence by Seth MacFarlane. There is an episode in season 1 which is a must see to understand what is going on nowadays in USA, Majority Rule, Episode 7, October 26, 2017.
In a nut shell this episode depicts what happen in a planet like earth when the majority rule using a system like social media and fake news. If someone does something deemed inappropriate there are buttons in their suit, green for good and red for bad, also tv sets and programs have those green/red buttons where people can cast their vote and instantaneously being counted in favor or against the individual being judge without any proof, only by the way he/she represent themselves in social media, if any reaches a threshold of 10 million negative votes then their brains are damaged by the state rendering them unable to perform any kind of job. Any similarity with current reality in USA is just coincidence, isn’t Seth?
Fast backward 400 years to earth and Justice Kavanaugh confirmation process, then Judge Kavanaugh was taken to the court of public opinion, someone accused him of improper behavior offering not credible proofs or corroboration two groups of different ideologies fought to represent  judge Kavanaugh moral standing, one green one red. The green group, Republicans, try to persuade the majority that although the actions being attributed to judge Kavanaugh were indeed despicable there were no proof nor corroboration judge Kavanaugh did it and according to our laws he is innocent until proved guilty.
The red group, Democrats, argued, that there was not need of any proof and that any women (it does not apply to men) making allegation of sexual impropriety must be believed and judge Kavanaugh must be immediately disqualified to serve in the supreme court of the USA, some went further to disqualify the judge to serve in his current job or to even coach his daughters basketball team or ever do any kind of job as the judge himself told in the hearing, this is equivalent to brain damage the judge, a very beautiful mind.
While the confirmation process was in full throttle in the Senate, the case was making its round in the media, comedians mocked the judge or anyone who dear to support him, news cast presented their brightest judicial analyst condemning the judge, violent mobs harassed senators in elevators and published their private addresses and their spouses and children names.
At the end in an amazing turn of events and thanks to heroes like judge Kavanaugh himself, Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins in a very close vote, Green prevailed.
Now this episode is going in our history as one very dark one, for the red group the USA Constitution, the rule of law, the bill of rights is of not significance when Political objectives to combat an enemy of their twisted principles: corruption, redistribution of wealth, poverty for all but them, Blacks/Latinos/minorities vote control, hand out instead of dignifying jobs, drugs, crime, open borders.
Mrs. Clinton put it very clear to all the red group: Democrats cannot be civil with Republicans while the green group wants to destroy what Democrats stand for, care about: bis (corruption, redistribution of wealth, poverty for all but them, Blacks/Latinos/minorities vote control, hand out instead of dignifying jobs, drugs, crime)
I saw my country of origin Venezuela being destroyed by a “red group”, in today’s Venezuela, government mobs harass its citizens, justice is at the service of the tyranny, people die at the hand of the government and on the streets of violent criminals or worst from starvation, once that kind of lawless is reached there is no way back.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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