MeToo stupidity


Without ways to avoid it, people are immersed in the MeToo liberal way of portraying all women as victims of evil men and for them all men are rapist.
While most men are very sensitive to mistreating of women, the MeToo movement ignore husbands, fathers, sons and every man who reject despicable acts against any women and many risk their life or fight to defend women against physical harm, this is not to say that there is not despicable behaviors by some derailed men, it can be seen a lot of this within liberals circles in Hollywood, artists, athletes and criminals. Vile behavior against women is less noticeable among conservatives who try to form stable relationships with women based on marriage and the desire to have families and get children and help them to gain an education, those guys have not time for raping women and yes, they are still, fortunately for women, a precarious majority.
It can be seen how the MeToo movement have been sequestered by liberals, and sorry to say it, the Democratic party. There are every day new rules of behavior imposed on men by the MeToo movement that very soon will make impossible to marry a woman, let us try to just mention a few of those rules:
• If a man touches a woman is an automatic discredit for the man, even if the woman says not and the man do not try forcible to touch her. It gets better in the next one.
• If a man sees a woman with admiration because he finds her pretty, attractive, beautiful, that according to MeToo, is an intent to rape and if the woman acknowledges this admiration by flirting a little bit them she is guilty of inviting to be raped. It gets better, as President Clinton, an expert in this subject, use to say.
• Women get scare of men, even so women fought very hard to have the same rights than men and achieved that, now women are weak creatures scare of men as according to MeToo, men just want to rape them. Better still.
• MeToo, with help from Democrats, destroy men reputation regardless of presumption of innocence. All men are guilty just by a woman accusing him of “improper behavior”. Just ask judge Kavanaugh.
Due to MeToo, women and men are destined to a life of solitude as there is not way men can approach a woman as the rules change every time liberals see it fit to their goals of controlling society under their set of principles and in total disregard for the constitution and laws that govern our country.
Unfortunately for American women, American men are finding ways to cope with MeToo:
• Avoid saying anything to a woman
• Avoid dating, offering help, changing tires, giving a lift, do nothing for women
• Do not, in any way, show admiration for the beauty of our amazing women
• As the dog whisper recommend, don’t touch, don’t talk not eye contact with any women
• If you want to marry, go to very few places in other continents where still can, real women, be found, Ester Europe, Africa, some countries in South America, but hurry up, MeToo is getting there fast.

American women, now have an additional problem, getting rid of MeToo or our beautiful American women will just disappear.
We miss Marylin Monroe.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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