The strangest things and values being pushed to Americans

USA is becoming weird, it can be noticed that there are very strangest things and values being pushed on Americans, let us mention some of the weirdest one:
– Same sex marriage, a marriage by all definition is between a man and a woman, but wait, the supreme court now determined that woman and woman and man and man can married. Although it can be understood the need of same sex legal recognition if people of the same sex decide to live together, the definition of marriage must not be changed to satisfy those individuals. Marriage is the firm decision to try to live together of people of different sex to help each other and care for each other and to try to procreate to perpetuate humanity.
Same sex marriage does not fulfil that basic definition, basically women and men must balance each other as each bring to their union different aptitudes and mind sets, strengths and weaknesses that are unique to the sexes and only can be whole by marrying someone of different sex.
– Above argument spill over to the next one: Sex equality. Now from fighting for women and men to have the same rights, which fortunately it was achieved, now there is not talking about the same rights, now is that women and men are equals. Not they are not equal, there are reasons why women and men are different, just to mention the principal, men cannot get pregnant.
Now this argument is endangering women and men, while there is not doubt women could do almost everything a man can do, there is not need for women to proof that, men are not trying to get pregnant and gave birth, nor men are wearing high hills nor trying to look pretty and beautiful, there are exceptions to this, but normally men do not do those things.
– Now an abominable change in values: Abortion. This is a detestable practice, eliminating a human being because it can not defend itself is vile, and those pushing for it are equally repugnant. A live is created at conception “at the instant of fertilization, your baby’s genes and sex are set. If the sperm has a Y chromosome, your baby will be a boy. If it has an X chromosome, the baby will be a girl”, by killing, a will be human being, society are desensitizing would be parents, woman and man who must care for that live to be a productive part of society. Now society is telling men, do not care for a woman you impregnated because she has the right to abort and society is telling women do not care in being impregnated because you can dispose that life at will. Abortion is criminal period.
– As abortion is a matter of life and death, let put in a balance the following life and death arguments:
o Respecting tyrants and tyrannies around the world killing their own people, starving them to death, creating massive migration of desperate people, flooding ancient cultures with different religions and behaviors, promoting drugs and crime, destroying entire countries, in short killing children, elders, women, gays, lesbians, Muslin, Jews, Catholics.
o Or getting rid of those tyrannies and tyrants causing incredible destruction around the world.
Well this is the strangest thing, there are laws here in the USA protecting those tyrannies and tyrants that kill, murder, steal, do human and drug trafficking. The UN preserves the world order allowing those tyrants and tyrannies to exist and to have a voice and control the UN Human Rights Council. Sad and weird.
– There are many stranger things happening in USA but non is going to be more destructive that the now fashionable and trending fact of ignoring the laws. Now, the Government is asked that illegal immigrants being allowed into USA and allowed the same rights of citizens including voting. People is being judge and condemned by public mobs and not court of laws, people are guilty, there is not longer the presumption of innocence until proved guilty in a court of law, laws are passed by militants in the court or the executive branch nor in Congress.
– There is another very strange thing in USA today, the push for Socialism by a very powerful group of billionaires, media, artist, lefties, liberals.
Despite Socialism being a failed model of Governance all over the world such as China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua there are powerful forces trying to implement socialism in USA, it would be the end of our democracy, our country and the world.

Unfortunately, those strangest things are being pushed by the democratic party in USA which almost succeed in the last election, if not for Donald Trump being elected. The President is now trying to revert those strangest things occurring in USA and the destruction of our core principles in our constitution.
Happy Constitution Day everyone.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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