Next generation politicians

Donald Trump
It might be, that one very positive consequence of electing a not Politician to the white house could well be that a new generation of politicians is taking shape under the umbrella of President Trump.
It is important that those new politicians keep their focus and do not get into the temptation of getting into the chain of loud noises generated by fake media, books, swamp and corrupt do-nothing politicians roaming Washington DC and lefties and liberal failed states.
President Trump is first and foremost a CEO used to take decisions after he is presented with facts and all options and pros and cons evaluated, President Trump experience, know how and education allows him to have a clear picture of current events which put his government in a path to break with past status quo that never produced real results and just were claimed as inevitable road to self-destruction of USA.
It can be seen every day a President getting results where past Presidents were just unable to break any new ground, examples are multiple from a booming economy, USA embassy move to Jerusalem, expulsion of a Nazi living among us, annihilation of ISIS, renegotiation of deficit perpetuating trade deals, dialogue with North Korea and defunding terrorist organizations and countries such as PLO, Pakistan, Iran and Syria.
Voters must recognize the trades that will make good Presidents and elected Public Servants starting with experience, willing to serve, knowhow and love of our country and reject those swamp politicians banking on racism, division, those lacking experience, knowhow and those selfishly promoting themselves promoting socialism, communism and every other failed ideology roaming the world today instead of defending the People and representing America values and embracing the model that a very enlighten group of people, our founding fathers, left as our legacy to defend and improve: the Constitution of the United States of America.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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