Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. First day.

I watched the start of Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. I, at first, was so sad to see embarrassing comments made by democrats trying to derail the confirmation of this judge, main arguments were not about the judge qualification but the lack of having all documents ever produced by judge Kavanaugh, the uncivil intervention of Miss Kamala Harris and others Democrats just trying to sabotage the confirmation process denying the chance to the American people to hear judge Kavanaugh own words and reaching the final definitive conclusion which real matters: We the People. The use of assumptions on how the judge is against poor, abortions, he will protect @realDonaldTrump.
I was amaze at the position Democrats hold, that the Constitution is old and written by a bunch of racist and current judges in @SCOTUS must correct those perceived, only by liberals, faults of our founder fathers. I was appalling by Democrats asking the nominee to ignore the constitution to support liberal agenda while expressing doubts judge Kavanaugh needs to withhold the constitution when conservatives point of views are presented on front of him.
I saw Miss Condoleezza Rice, Senator Portman and Miss Lisa Blat introducing judge Kavanaugh, all of them friends and former co-workers depicting an extraordinary judge and a magnificent human being in total contrast to depiction made by democrats.
All my fears and tribulations disappeared when a young individual in a strong voice spoke of his judiciary philosophy, his independence of judgement, his defense and strict interpretation of the law and the constitution, his love to his family his loyalty to his friends, fearless acknowledging the gracious treatment by @realDonaldTrump and @FLOTUS during his nomination and I was moved by his mother and father histories, being only child and recognizing his own family as his source of fairness and strength.
I am looking forward to the confirmation process, I hope lawyers ask thorough and though question to judge Kavanaugh, hope Lawyers in full representation of We the People do a deep vetting of judge Kavanaugh so we all will be sure to have the best justices at @SCOTUS.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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