The dreadful dead of the democratic party


USA model of democracy evolved into two parties trying to get the representation of the people.
In the past, those two parties, Democrats and Republicans have competing ideas how to best implement the founder fathers view of a fair and honest government for the people to guarantee their freedom, happiness and justice for all as they wrote those ideas down in a precious document: The Constitution of the USA.
Nowadays, the Democratic party is not the party defending the Constitution and America values, they are rapidly trending towards socialism, departing from a proven model of government towards a failed one with the more current and tragic one in Venezuela.
Unfortunately, their ideas of taken from the rich to give to the poor sells well to those people unfortunate to be left behind by capitalism and believe or not by billionaires that have nothing to lose as they are so rich they believe they will preserve their wealth under a socialist government.
In a socialist society such as the one in Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China there is not protection for anyone but the bureaucrats stealing the richness of their countries and imposing food rationing, freedom restriction and tyranny and corruption.

The Democratic party ceased to exist as the progressive party that within our constitution and laws fought for a better future for all Americans, now is the party of redistribution, abortion, free borders, lawlessness, foreign policy weakness and welfare and food stamps for all instead of self-reliance and productive hard work, order and protecting our border and justice and freedom for us all.
Without a strong Democratic party, USA is moving to dictatorship either way, be a Republican only option or if the people choose to go the way socialist Democratic party, our way of living will be changed forever and the most successful experiment in self-determination will end.
This next November, we must vote to support President Trump. The President is a true American trying to preserve our way of life and I believe he and we the People are the only option to saving the Democratic party form a dreadful death.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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