Security clearance to corruption



A security clearance is a privilege and an honor people serving our country must earn, is not vested upon them as a forever gift to be used for personal gains.
One of the benefits of Mr. Trump presidency is that he is bringing up issues the American people must really consider as very important when we go to the voting boots next November:
Is it the so called “intelligence community”, intelligent?
Is it the “intelligence community, FBI and Department of Justice (DoJ) just, truthful, apolitical and fair?
Would, civil servants paid by our taxes, be engaged in plots against a serving President elected democratically?
Do these civil servants deserve a security clearance?
Let us try to give some examples which could help us when we vote next November:
Was the “intelligence community” intelligent when the USA went to war in Iraq under the pretense of weapons of mass destruction which were not where to be found after the USA devastated a whole country, and thousands of human beings murdered.
Is it the DoJ, FBI, CIA fair, just, faithful to the American people when high level bureaucrats in those institutions are completely bias and plot to rig the election for a candidate they favored and who they are sure will continue cheating us “The People” to preserve their privileges and corrupt ways.
Are former generals, CIA, FBI directors and agents clearly lining left/socialist entitled to “Security Clearances”?
Is a Deputy DoJ director able to launch a special counsel investigation on a sitting President based in a Democratic Party funded dossier of lies?
Could a collusion investigation last years and cost millions without real proof of a crime being committed?
Could a DoJ exist when an Attorney General recused himself of overseeing justice?
This could be very painful to liberals, lefties, corrupt bureaucrats and swamp politicians. President Trump is right again.
Please President for the sake of the American People strip security clearance to those corrupt people so it is very clear to anyone serving the USA they must be faithful to our country first.
We need to vote next November for candidates willing to defend our constitution and get rid of encroached corrupt swamp politicians, so we can have a honest government again.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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