Venezuela: A slow death


Sanctions against Venezuela government officials are not working and will not work. Those tyrants always find ways around those sanctions, if countries like China, Russia, Cuba, Turkey, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Spain, Mexico, UE and even USA and its swamp politicians help those thugs, the most vulnerable people in Venezuela, children, the elderly are subjected to a slow death.
Again, swamp politician in USA and some well intentioned one predicated that USA sanctions to the government will impact the general population so they recommended President Trump to apply sanctions against those murdering Venezuelans. The effect was contrary to the main objective of weakening the narcos in Maduro’s government, today the people in Venezuela is weaken by the lack of food, medicine, basic services such as electricity, potable water, transportation, health care and education, a massive exodus of people to any country they can go to by any means is now the visible consequence of this approach while the narco thugs continue to enjoy traveling around the world in first class and private jets and hidden their families here in the USA and EU with the fortune they made out of robbing Venezuela and trafficking drugs.
Maduro and his Cuba allies had increased his grip of what is left of what was once a rich and prosperous country, the opposition in Venezuela is part of the scheme to give the country away to Cuba, Russia, China which are robbing Venezuela richness with total disregard for the environment, an impact that will not be reverted ever.
President Trump is very reluctant to foreign interventions but he knows the situation in Venezuela will not change unless a full set of sanctions with a military option is applied to those criminals, however, Politicians surrounding him do not mind what is happening in Venezuela and the suffering of innocent children and elderly, they do not mind the exodus of able bodies to other countries in desperation they just talk the talk unable to walk the walk and being mute and blind to the slow death tragedy of a dying country: Venezuela.

Mr. President People voted for you because you are not a Politician please do not become one.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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