Free or not Free


USA is the land of the Free and home of the Brave, so our anthem reads.
I believe we are not that free after all, we are governed by laws made by Politicians who do not represent “We the People” even when we elected them to congress to do just that. The laws are designed to control us, deny us of our rights and subjugate us to lambs walking in the way their interest benefit and forfeiting the moral, values and principles in our Constitution.
I firmly believe President Trump is an American, brought up and highly successful, because he believes in the America of our founding fathers: free, strong and with rock solid values stated in a constitution that simply say that we are Free, and justice is equal for everyone.
Politicians, as in the fable of the frog in gradually heating water cook itself to death as changes are so gradual that the poor frog is not noticing it is been cooked, so Politicians are constantly introducing laws that gradually are transforming our free society in a controlled state the likes of Venezuela, Russia, China, Cuba and every tyranny in the word, but now they say that it is done under “Democracy” and indeed “We the People” as in Venezuela are at fault because we are the one electing those Politicians to represent us.
Above argument is the root explanation of Politicians (Democrats, Liberals, Lefties, Republicans, Rights) hatred towards our President. President Trump is not one of them, the President is one of us.
The President is getting rid of regulations that govern every decision we must make, what health insurance I got to have, what to do with public land that are public not more as they were transform into National Parks were people must pay to go and enjoy our country, is it this free?
There are laws to commercially consume marihuana, soon it will be opioids after all they are just to calm the pain of living in a cruel society and after that it could be any drug.
There are laws that compulsively oblige people to like what they simply do not like, values they do not share and push for tolerance the people dislike. We are not free anymore.
We the People must wake up, next November we must go out and vote for those who wants to preserve our freedom. Miss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Berni Sanders, Maxine Waters, McCain, E. Warren, Murkowski, D. Feinstein are just examples of the many politicians encroached in Washington harming our freedom let us kick them out they do not represent us.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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