Free Press, Fake News, Enemy of the People


Free Press?
Is there any free press in the USA?
In a country with free press it could not be that almost 90% of the news are negative toward our President, is there any collusion in those news outputs that criticize everything our government is doing? If so, is that a free press? Is pushing for ideologic changes in the way We the People chose to live our lives a free press? Or just is this USA ‘free press” subrogated to an ideologist Party pushing for a new socialist view such as those in Venezuela with catastrophic result for the Venezuelan people? Is it a “Free Press” questioning our President in a vulgar manner in front of foreign dignitaries Free? Is it a Free Press changing meanings of Statements made by the President or Government representatives and then calling them liars, free? Is calling names such as bigots, sexist, racist, homophobic, deplorables when the people who voted for this President and The President himself have proved that we are none of those ugly epithets free press call many Americans who believe in a better America for all. Why, while we should all be united to renegotiate our relationship with the rest of the world that have taken advantage of the USA taking our jobs and intellectual properties overseas and imposing tariff in our goods, the free press does not rally the USA in that effort, could it be that this USA free press is subordinated to foreign powers, countries or ideologies? Why the free press does not highlight the excellent economic recovery, the low unemployment in blacks, latinos, women? I believe we have not a free press here in the USA and we must, free press is one of the pillars of any healthy democracy but not one sided, unhinged, deranged free press.
Fake News
During the presidential campaign, many times, I was misled by the press regarding our President message and almost change my resolve to voting for him. I am a latino from Venezuela, when the news reported that, then candidate Trump, had said that all people crossing the border illegally were murderess, drug traffickers and so on, it was a game changer for me until I heard the real words said by Mr. Trump, he never said all people crossing illegally our border are bad people, Mr. Trump just stated the true, that with unrestricted illegal border crossing also crime come through those open borders, so it was the reporting bending the true, making fake news. When Mr. Trump said that North Korea already started sending our fallen heroes back to the USA, as at the time the President spoke there were not remains out of North Korea the news reported that the President was lying, news organizations reported that children were separated from their parents by Mr. Trump government while hiding the fact that by law the Government can not keep children with their parents while in jail waiting for deportation, distorting the true and just faking it, when news reported that President Trump government was putting children in wire cages and showing a picture taken during Obama’s administration as it were current is that fake new?
Enemy of the People
I came from Venezuela, there, we live an example of a Press Enemy of the People, Mr. Chavez went to be president of Venezuela and one of the worst tyrant in the history of the world mainly due to “ Free Press” even now Venezuela under Maduro are always using the news to disseminate their message of division, hatred and control over the population, the worst enemy of the people in Venezuela are the news organization, I even remember Patricia Janiot from CNN interviewing Chavez denigrating the USA and giving him legitimacy. I do believe the same is going on here in the USA, fortunately Mr. Trump is not a silent lamb, Mr. Trump is fighting all the way and I, Mr. President, am with you.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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