A case for steel and Aluminum tariffs


Worst unlikely case scenario a war.
The USA will be asked by “allies” to come to their rescue, as always, as they are unprepared because they do not contribute enough for their own defense. NATO??
USA will need to produce weaponry and supplies that must be shipped overseas, USA will need Steel and Aluminum that we do not produce inhouse and must be imported a war prices from Canada, Brazil and many countries opposing the war so they slowdown production or just do not sell to the USA.
Israel is in danger due to muslin countries (Iran, Syria, Iraq) attack when they perceive USA weakness, as supply chain of raw Steel and Aluminum are disrupted, China and Russia go to annex Taiwan and Croatia and Japan and South Korea are in dear risk as they rely on the USA for their defense but there are not enough planes or ships to face a multi geographic war scenario so North Korea launches an attack on South Korea.
In the meantime, the European Union (EU) is still negotiating with Russia which is marching its army to annex Easter Europe and gas supply from Russia to Germany is cutoff, so an immediate reduction in steel and Aluminum production and specialty spare and products, vital to the war effort are curtailed endangering and weakening the USA even more, Russia and China still produce steel and aluminum for their war industries, the USA despite having the largest war infrastructure can not cope with replacement of equipment or increasing tanks, and planes production as we rely in our “allies” to provide us the raw materials.
USA threaten to use the nuclear arsenal, but Russia and China do not menace us they just go for the kill and use its nuclear weaponry against the USA they will not destroy the EU or Japan or Africa they will just destroy the USA, the only country in the world which could stop the spread of evil, the EU and Great Britain are just closing a cooperation agreement with Russia and China to rebuilt the USA.
If the USA is prepared for above very unlikely scenario it will not happen, wait and see when the USA is weak and cannot defend ourselves.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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