USA a Paper Tiger or a Brave Hart nation


A new controversy sparked by President Trump responding to threats to the USA by a criminal tyrannical regime: Iran.
President Trump reacts very strongly against any country threatening the USA, although I believe a better approach could be, as President Reagan use to do in similar cases, not to react with rhetorical war of words from the USA, but to act and take care of the situation, President Reagan did that budgeting the development of The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), also known as Star War to render useless the missile capabilities of the former Soviet Union, he bombed Muammar Gaddafi and rescue USA students in Grenada which was being occupied by Cubans, at that time President Reagan say this:
“America seeks no new territory, nor do we wish to dominate others. Yet we commit our resources and risk the lives of those in our armed forces to rescue others from bloodshed and turmoil, and to prevent humankind from drowning in a sea of tyranny”
Swamp and Deep state Politicians went, as expected, in a tirade of criticism using all kind of bad characterization of our President, instead of recognizing that tyrants need to be let know, that the USA will first defend ourselves and that those tyrannies menace us at their peril. Second, the USA will not allow a second war scenario where weakness from Europe allowed Nazi Germany/Japan to control almost all free world costing over twenty million dead and the Holocaust of Jews, Gypsies and other minorities.
Although I prefer President Trump to act rather than to speak, I believe it is in the best interest of those tyrannical regimes such as the one in Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua to listen to our President and change their ways to a peaceful resolution of those rogue countries, and I strongly ask the American people to support President Trump and show the world that we are united to defend our nation and the moral values that allow people in trannies to regain their freedom and dignity and We the People must vote, next November, out of office those who weaken the USA resolve to stand for destitute people.
Tyrants in Venezuela, Nicaragua, North Korea, Iran are just looking how those corrupt politicians are trying to weaken the resolve of our President and the rest of us, they will continue killing, destroying, starving children to death and trafficking drugs as it is happening right now, with Cuba help, in Venezuela and Nicaragua.
The photo mosaic in this post shows children starving in Venezuela consequences of inaction by the USA handcuffed by corrupt swamp politicians, let us all howl freedom from corrupt politicians and let us bring hope to Venezuela, Nicaragua, North Korea, Iran.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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