Venezuela Hunger Games


In Venezuela people is starving to dead. The photo mosaic in this post are actual photos of children starving and abandoned by their parents trying to find someone to help them, sorry this post is crude and cruel but is blunt and depict the real situation in Venezuela.
In some of my past posts (,,, ).
I wrote about how I believe the government of President Trump must do something quickly to prevent the dead, starving and mass migration occurring now in Venezuela, as I have been unsuccessful pledging to Conservatives, Republicans and President Trump and because left leaning, liberals and democrats people are so sensitive to the issues of children I am going to make my pledge to the likes of Mr. Bernie Sander, E. Warren, M. Waters, A. Ocasio-Cortez, the new socialist darling of the Democratic party, Mr. Schumer and Mrs. Pelosi, I did not include former President Obama and former secretary of state Mrs. Clinton because they did nothing already, just talking not action.
This is my pledge to Socialist, left leaning liberals and leaders of the democratic party, if they want to prove to the American People that they are not promoting a socialist society like the one going on in Venezuela, they must push President Trump to act fast and prevent the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, they must prove by actions, that the Democratic party stand by children and are sensitive to mass murder and corruption in Venezuela and Nicaragua, if not, you are going to show to the American People voting next November that what you say is just empty rhetoric and that you really would like to implement in the USA a failed model of poverty, violence, corruption, dead and poverty for us all called Socialism.
Voting is the only real power our founder fathers gave to We the People, next November we must get in congress representatives and senators who represent us The People and not dogmas that are not compatibles we the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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