A trade war Americans must win


Let us first define who are the main parties in the trade war, what are the reasons the USA is at war and why Americans need to win this war.
Who are the main parties in the trade war against the USA in an empirical order of threatening to the USA: China, European Union, NAFTA countries (USA is in the losing end of many more countries but let us focus on the mentioned), swamp politicians, fake science and corrupt CEOs.
Knowing now who the main opponents to the prosperity of the American people are, let us explore the reasons for this war:
The USA debt, compromising every American for generations to come, I will refer to some statistics in this link ( http://www.usdebtclock.org/ ) . As per 07/12/2018 at the time I am writing this post USA debt stand at 20.2 Trillion USD up more than 10 Trillion USD just in the second Obama administration from 2008 to 2016; this is an astounding 64,633.00 USD per each USA citizen and 174,322.00 USD per USA tax payer

The next table shows the USA trade deficit with just ten of our foes and “friends”:


The USA has a trade deficit with the world of negative 734,316 billion USD, meaning, USA export a lot less that what the USA import. Now let us see the trade negative imbalance with China (347,038 USD Billion), EU (146,340 USD Billion), NAFTA countries, Canada/Mexico (74,432 USD Billion), I hope we are now realizing the main reasons why friend and foes are willing to risk a trade war against the USA, they want to continue robbing the bank with swamp politicians, corrupt CEOs and fake Economic scientist as their partners in crime.
The impact on the USA people of above trade imbalance can be seen in the usdebtclock.org link: a lost of 4,526,225 jobs in the manufacturing industry since year 2000, people living in poverty 38,766,765.

Now, why Americans need to win this trade war, some reasons are very obvious from the previous paragraphs, to diminish the USA debt, to correct the trade imbalance, others are less obvious, such as to protect our intellectual property being stolen by countries like China and India, to stop corrupts CEOs saying that they need to import talent from foreign countries while our universities are every day more and more expensive and the career offer are just liberal-lefties curricula aim at changing the way Americans think, to teach CEOs and swamp politicians that We the People are not that naïve and we are awakening from the stupor, career politicians create for us and do not want to be contested as they had thrive in the swamp while we are drowning in their corrupt ways.

Vote wisely next November.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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