A wise advice to fix USA economy


I would like to remove President Trump from this post as I would like our Lefties-Liberals friends to read it, I must get the best advice I could about this very difficult topic: the USA economy from an non partisan expert.
So, I am going to write this post considering advices given to me over many years and good and bad situations by someone able to successfully manage a micro economy, that compounded to the many, is what makes any country economically successful: my Mother.
Allow me to introduce my Mon’s credentials to give us advice in this area:
• Mon is 88 years old, in good health, living alone from her own resources without any help
• Mon was able to put through college myself and my two siblings
• We were middle class through almost all our life and proudly so now
• In raining days, we have a raining fund
• She was able to balance income-outcome, so we were never in debt or deficit
• She never bought anything she could not afford with what my father provided
• She kept us well fed, clean and disciplined
No, my mother is not an economist my mother is a proud housewife.
Now, I will try to guess her answers to the situation we are in the USA now:
Mon we are over 20 trillion in debt and every minute that debt keeps growing (Debt), what am I doing wrong?
You are spending more than what you can produce, just keep your expenditure below what your income is, and you will be alright.
But, Mon if I do that I will not be able to buy what I like, and I will no longer be middle class,
You are no middle class already, worst, you will not be able to put your kids through college or fend by yourself when you retire, stop buying fancy thing and go back to what I taught you while at home.
Mon, I am working harder and harder but barely can make ends meet, I am feeling like I been taking advantage of as I see more and more swamp politicians, CEOs, lobbyist and criminals showing up a lavish way of living, do we need to change our law-abiding ways and go the way of Venezuela and ignore children and elderly like yourself dying in the streets?
Well, Venezuela is a good example of what could happen in the USA if you continue the road your country is in now, you need to get rid of swamp politicians, false CEOs, lobbyist and corruption and criminals.
Mon, I am not able to fabricate anything all manufacturing moved to China, India, Mexico and elsewhere because they cheap labor, do not have human rights protection nor environmental laws that Liberal-Lefties in the USA are all the time claiming we in the USA must comply with and be in global accords to pay to develop those rogue countries instead of investing in the USA, and on top of that I do not see any benefit in moving manufacturing out of the USA because despite CEOs paying a lot lets for those items the price remain the same here in the USA, ah! That is why CEOs are so rich and do not want a balanced fair trade.
Mon you make me an engineer, but I see now that engineering and science is being done and transfer to India and China, our large Engineering Companies which built the Panama Canal, Empire State, reach the moon and built our rail ways and high ways are not hiring engineers in the USA so it was not attractive to my children to go into engineering as I did because there is not work for them here.
I hope someone in your government could revert this tendency as you are losing your future.
Finally, what did you do when you could not find anything made in Venezuela, well son, now we are totally dependent of very corrupt and inhumane narco thugs governing us that are killing a whole country while your country is following the same path, good luck son.
I am trying to convince my Mon to come to the USA, but I think that she believes that unless people wise up in November and defeat Liberal-Lefties the USA will go the way of Venezuela very soon.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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