Left-Liberals and Conservatives. Yes, we are different.


There are marked differences between lefty liberals and conservatives in the USA, let us explore the more evident ones:
Lefties-Liberals represent themselves as defenders against every existing bad in the world and the USA. Their solution, everyone must be equally poor, all people must suffer and be deprived of wealth, government will provide borderline necessities, so people will barely subsist, a health system for all in which there will be no doctors or medicines or hospitals. A dry run of this system has been tested for many years in the USA and you can see their results in the inner cities where poor education, high criminality, lack of services, destruction of family values, abortion on demand and at any stage are the normal and you can see swamp Politicians praising that abomination in the most prosperous country on earth, the USA, while of course, they have private insurance, good housing, first class education in our ivy league colleges teaching advance theories designed to transform our country in a liberal-lefty society the likes of the highly successful ones in Venezuela and Cuba.
Lefties-Liberals are so sensitive to bad going on in the world that they were extremely concern with the annihilation of ISIS, but not with the displacement of thousand of refugees when ISIS took their towns and cities and beheaded innocents, rape women, burn and drown civilians, LGTBQ communities and prisoners, they are extremely hurt by the separation of families in our southern border but they could care less for what is happening in Central and South America with corrupt tyrannies in Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia, Honduras, Guatemala not to include all Africa, which is the actual root cause of families separation abandoning those countries in desperation.
Lefties-Liberals do not have any clue how to solve the bad going on in the world they just know that the only way preventing bad occurring is, must be no good nor god, not values, not Christianity, no family no education and progress, so if there is no good then bad does not exist, very clever way of thinking and a proved concept with modern excellent example on display for all to see in Venezuela where lefty-liberal narco thugs are very successfully testing the lefty-liberal dogma.
Lefties-Liberals are all the time blaming the USA of destroying the earth and polluting and depleting its resources while they do no complain the environmental destruction in China, India and Venezuela is again a showcase of lefty-liberal policies destroying our environment. Are those countries in the same planet that the USA?
Now the hard way Conservative approach:
Conservatives do not make noises with loud demonstrations, we do not climb the Statue of Liberty, we do not harass teenagers wearing MAGA hats and families dinning in public restaurants, we help people in need with actions, opening doors to people impacted by hurricanes so they can sleep in new mattresses, Louisiana navy moving their armada to rescue people in danger, doctors and private clinics operating on the needed, separating conjoined twin, sending our sons and daughters to fight foreign wars to defeat ISIS and tyrannies around the world and giving a chance of a better life to millions of oppressed human beings which will feel not need to abandon their countries or being separated from their families, not to take a boat to die in the Mediterranean hoping the EU will receive them or go through desserts, smugglers, coyotes to come to the USA.
Conservatives pay our way through lefty-liberal colleges keeping intact our believes and our proud love for our nation and its values. We are all children of immigrants and we know why our founding fathers wrote a constitution that in its preamble says:
We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
We believe in our constitution and abide and live by its principles, we believe a human life is created at conception and destroying it for not reason is terrible. Conservatives believe in science and the progress it brings to us all, we care about our planet and its resources and its preservation despite lefty-liberal trying to portrait us otherwise. We believe in using our guns to defend ourselves, mothers defending their children from kidnaping and carjacking and condemn massacres and mis use of weapons by gangs and mentally ill people.
Conservatives, instead of blaming others, had fought hard to eradicate racism, bigotry and exclusion from within, it was Conservatives principles that made President Lincoln to fight to emancipated slaves at a very high price to himself and to our country with a war between brothers. I myself, in my live time, have seen those changes, I am originally from Venezuela, I came to the USA for the first time in the earliest seventies and people was not shy to showing me racism, bigotry and exclusion simply because I was a Latino, brown and I always was singing or laughing and happy in public. Fast forward to 2006 when I came to the USA, now as an immigrant, still some old people show traces of racism or bigotry, but the good news is that the younger generation of Americans really do not even know what racism or bigotry is, they know about that because of the constant reference by Lefties-Liberals that everyone not sharing Left-Liberal ideas are racist, bigots, white nationalists, Nazis etc. We Conservative are not, we are just Americans that want the USA to continue to be a just country for we all in which justice, freedom and the pursue of happiness is within our reach with hard work and respect for each other.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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