A humanitarian USA military intervention in Venezuela

Our flag when Venezuela was free

It is time for the USA to militarily intervene and jail the narco tugs destroying Venezuela.
I read that President Trump considered that option and discussed with former National Security Advisor and former USA Secretary of State and with presidents from South America, all of them advice President Trump not to pursue a military intervention in Venezuela.
It can be seen the lack of understanding of the situation Venezuela is in by those swamp politicians, ex CEOs, weak military and corrupt “Presidents” and I am amaze by the clarity of judgement President Trump, a non-Politician President, has of the current situation in Venezuela.
Venezuela is in desperate condition, Venezuelans are leaving by the millions creating an humanitarian crisis in neighboring countries such as Colombia and Brazil, are flooding Europe and the USA with people seeking refugee status and even worst, families of the tugs in power in Venezuela are fleeing their socialist government and enjoying the wealth stolen from Venezuela here in the USA and elsewhere in the world, meanwhile swamp Politician, advisors and even the corrupt political opposition in Venezuela are opposing President Trump correct view that a military intervention is the only way of stopping the tragedy in Venezuela.
Diplomacy had run its course, Venezuelans had used any pacific way to get rid of those tugs killing innocents and impoverishing once a very rich and prosperous country.
The American people must be informed of the desperate situation in Venezuela and support our President to militarily intervene and incarcerate the narco traffickers in power, Venezuela is a very high security risk to the USA, while swamp liberals and lefties are all the time talking about the Russia risk and intervention in our electoral system, none of them talk about the risk of Cuba, Russia and China, three of the greater risk to the USA, taking control of the Venezuelan tyrannical government which is a puppet to their interest and a way to penetrate corrupt governments in South and Central America(now there is a Socialist/Chavista government in Mexico).
USA must use its military might to once again show to evil that good has its champion in the USA, that evil will not be tolerated, that mothers will not need to risk separation from their children as they will regain and will enjoy in their native countries the prosperity that we all enjoy here in the USA.
President Trump you are right about Venezuela, please do not listen to the swamp, corrupt and lefties liberals with not soul that are allowing this tragedy.

We Americans need to empower President Trump next November helping him clean the swamp, please vote for responsible people to congress.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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