USA will be overrun in November if Republican do not red Tsunami Democrats


Democrats are expecting to turn the congress from red to blue next November, let us analyze the possible consequences of that scenario:
• Borders will disappear and the USA will be a free for all, desperate immigrants will flood our country, English will be a second language in our schools, law abiding citizens will be replaced by banana republic mentality of ignoring laws, honesty and principles by imported politicians and media such as the one we are seeing now in Telemundo, Univision and many politicians with foreign names speaking badly of our key principles and denigrating our laws and even our constitution, flag and national anthem.
• USA economy will migrate from an economy based in hard work, self-reliance and fair and reciprocal trade competition with the rest of the world to be again the piggy bank of the world were USA citizens subsidize the UE, China, Japan, Korea, Africa, Central and South America, Australia in fact everyone but Americans who will see their job lost, their income reduced, high taxes to pay the swamp, bad health, education and services.
• Our security will be endangered by the elimination of ICE, creation of sanctuary cities, demonization of the police and reverse discrimination in which white people are accused of racism, bigotry and harassed because of theirs believes.
• Our military will again be depleted leading from behind and be afraid of every tyranny in the world, ISIS will reemerge from the ashes, Iran will be compensated again with billion of dollars, terrorism will be allowed once more in our country as Muslin from chaotic countries will be welcome by Democrats into the USA, North Korea will sense a weakened USA and will re-start their nuclear threatening of the world, Venezuela and Cuba will again being empowered to tyrannize their citizens.
If above arguments are not a convincing case to take to congress the right kind of USA loving citizens this next November, then, we will have not reason to complain afterward, we will deserved it, so vote to guarantee our President have a congress that will pass sensible laws, appoint judges, control the size of government, drain the swamp, clean the DOJ and protect our jobs and unique and very successful way of life do not allow the USA becoming VENEZUELA.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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