Dr. Charles Krauthammer

DrKrauthammer.gifWhen I came to the USA from Venezuela, I had to learn the Political system here, I analyzed the two major political parties: Democrats and Republicans.
The policies pushed by Democrats were so aligned with the policies of Mr. Chavez in Venezuela, promises of wealth distribution, health for every one regardless if it can be afforded by our country, handover of benefits to everyone, do not worry to get an education, form a family, take your kids to college, there will be a village that will rise your kids and the State will give you cells, food stamps and we teach you to vote for us, you depend on us and the state will take care of you, of course that applies to you the People, we the ones governing you will enjoy luxury, high salaries, richness, mansions because we deserved as we are busy controlling you. If you do not believe me, go and do tourism in Venezuela now and see by yourself the reality of the left way being pushed by democrats now in the USA.
I loved the way true Republicans think, self-reliance, family and religion values, pursue of happiness, defending the second amendment, fighting abortion, defending our borders, abiding the laws, rising our own kids, small government, fair and balanced trade, equal opportunities for all, jobs for everyone in their own capacity, defending freedom.
Unfortunately, many Republican lost their way and are now opposing Mr. Trump, who is defending true Republican values and our successful way of living. Mr. Trump is not a conventional president, even Dr. Krauthammer complained many times about how President Trump conducted himself in office and he was troubled to see his profound analytical analysis of the Trump’s presidency, so different to what he over many years learnt to interpreted and cleverly explain to us, that he turned against President Trump, I truly understand him, Dr. Krauthammer was able to use his incredible intellect and knowledge to comment on the establishment, he dissected it, he explained its turns and pro/cons, Dr. Krauthammer embedded himself in the false reality created by swamp politicians and could not see the naked emperor exposed by President Trump.
I am truly grateful to Dr. Krauthammer, today I am a Republican because he made me understand that a life has purpose, that we all must love our country and be respectful of differences. I hope Dr. Krauthammer, that President Trump will do his best to preserve true American/Republican values and prove to you that you made a big contribution with your insightful analysis, that we can die with dignity and valor which was the last lesson to us all of a beautiful human being.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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