The horrors of swamp politicians and children

The situation of separating families from their children when they enter illegally in the USA is now the battle ground for achieving political gains against President Trump.
Are swamp politicians (both parties) and fake news interested in what is happening to those families and their children?
In Venezuela, due to the tyranny of Mr. Maduro, there is the case of many children being abandoned on the streets of any major city or town because parents can not afford feeding, educating or medicines or medical treatment for them. Parents believe their children have a better chance if they are abandoned to their own fate rather than seeing them starve, get sick and die hopeless in front of them.
In Nicaragua, on the brink of a civil war, were hundreds of young people are being murdered opposing the Cuban backed government of tyrant Ortega, what do you think families options are: sending their children to the USA or allowing them to die as is happening now in Venezuela.
In all Central America and Mexico families must face the same dilemma: do I keep my children with us to be victims of crime, drugs, poverty, famine or do we send our children to the USA? The choice is obvious.
Meanwhile what swamp Politicians and fake news are doing for the situation I just described happening in all South and Central America and which results are what we are seeing in our southern border?
During the Obama administration thousands of unaccompanied children were sent by their families so they could have a better chance of a decent life in the USA, at that time swamp politicians and fake news could not care less of the separation of children from their families and the perilous trip of those unaccompanied children victims of predators and any kind of crime and gang recruiting in their desperation to reach the USA. President Obama, in his greatness will take care of them all, what a hypocrisy. Mr. Obama is busy now making money from every avenue he can put his hand on.
USA immigration laws are obsolete and do not consider the situation the world is in right now, many of our neighbors to the south are in big economic and political turmoil, Africa and the middle east are in ruins, racism, invoked so often by the swamp politicians and fake media, is rampant in once prosperous South Africa and Zimbabwe. When families are facing those dreaded situations where do you think they would like to send their children to? America the land of the free.
Why swamp Politicians and fake media are not pressing the USA congress to enact laws to fix this problem asap?
Let us support President Trump who is pushing for solutions to be enacted by congress and resisting the push of swamp politicians and fake media to radically transform our country to a lawless banana republic, the USA is a law-abiding country not a law ignoring country next November we the citizens of the USA must elect to congress patriots, democrats and republicans, that represent the true values of we the people pursuing happiness, justice and freedom for all.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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