Mr. Trump the Manager President

I have been a project manager for more than 30 years, in this post I will try to explain some of the rationale why Mr. Trump is very different to any of our previous presidents.

First, everyone must be aware that managing a private company is very different to managing a public corporation that is “owned” by shareholders, the CEO and corporate management and board of directors use the same tricks and method used by Politicians to gain control of the corporation, in case of a company, or a whole country in case of career politicians and cheat shareholders and people for their own gain. Mr. Trump, in the other hand, risk his own money on his decisions, on the people he hires, on the investment he made, Mr. Trump has had his up and downs, taken good and bad decisions and fire a good deal of people and doing it becoming highly successful.
A good Project Manager (PM) must control many variables to make a project successful, I will mention only the main ones and will give an example how a good PM and a Politician will act under similar constrains:
• Time, PMs know that time is money, projects must be built and complete on time, as is often the case, projects could miss the windows that justified its execution.
o      Mr. Trump will request immediate results, Politicians know that results take long time if ever. A recent good example is the USA embassy in Jerusalem. Mr. Trump himself like to explain that he was given an executive order to sign in which the USA embassy in Jerusalem will take from 10 to 15 years to build and cost over a billion dollar, he was able to move the USA embassy to Jerusalem in a few months and cost was under a few hundred thousand dollars. Another good example is the meeting between President Trump and the North Korean leader next week. The former secretary of state explained the work that it was impossible for the meeting to take place as ordered by Mr. Trump. The former Secretary of State was the CEO of a large public corporation, well the meeting is happening next week.
• Money, PMs must work within a budget that makes the project profitable, it can not allow budget and time creep.
o      Mr. Trump during his campaign had pledge to control expending and the size of government, reducing waste and having balanced trade deals with other countries. Politicians do no care about budgets, government size, they believe trade deficits with every other nation in the world are necessary evil to get sympathy from corrupt government taking advantages of the USA to finance failed political model such as in France, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, China which base their development on the back of American losing our industry, lowering living standards and low salaries and chronic unemployment. Those Countries and our USA swamp politicians are killing the golden goose, Mr. Trump, lucky us, if fighting to reverse the damage already done to our country and avoid further damage to it. I hope Mr. Trump will not make the same mistake of doubling our national debt from 10 to 21 trillion as the former administration did.
• QA/QC, those stand for quality assurance and quality control which are a corner stone of every project, with poor quality, there is not project.
o      Mr. Trump knows the importance of quality you can see proof of it in his golf resorts, Mar a Lago, buildings and now he is demanding quality in the services we give to injured veterans, he wants to rebuild our infrastructure high ways and airports to modernize and improve our way of life, he is pushing to improve our Medicare.
• Safety, a good PM must keep a good safety record lost time injuries, accident and on the job deaths, are unacceptable.
o      Taking MS13 out of the USA, securing our borders, controlling immigration, defending our law enforcing officers and military, fighting sanctuary cities, condemning crime ravage cities like Chicago, Baltimore, trying to end opioid tragedy and drug trafficking while righting wrong and pardoning and commuting sentences to give a second chance to people and clear the record of wrongly convicted figures, contrasting highly with the position of swamp politicians doing precisely the oppose.
Next November we all have the opportunity of supporting our PM President to continue a positive agenda for our country or we elect swamp politician willing to derail our progress.
I can not finish this post without congratulating our President and his team for achieving the expulsion of tyrant Maduro (Venezuela) from the Organization of American States, Mr. President please help Venezuela.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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