Ya basta!


Venezuela is crying for help. Maduro and his narco thugs are destroying it at a pace that soon there will be not country left.
Venezuelans, while responsible of bringing to power Mr. Chavez, they also had fought against all odds and all the way to reinstate democracy and held Maduro accountable for the pillage, dead and destruction of a whole nation.
The USA, under President Trump, has imposed sanctions to individuals of the Maduro’s regimen trying to minimize their impact over the population, regrettable is not working because Venezuelans are already under extreme duress, no food, no medicines, no education, no transportation, thousands of people leaving the country, thousand more dyeing every day of starvation and illnesses.
I believe the only solution for Venezuela now is extreme sanctions to the Government the likes of the one being imposed in North Korea and producing results, those sanctions must be accompanied by credible use of force and incarceration for those in high positions in the government. Travel in and out of the country for government elites must be restricted, oil and drug trafficking which is the main source of financing for the assassin regimen must be stopped by restricting all shipping by air, sea or land to get in or out of Venezuela.
Mr. Trump had said, that the USA is respected again in the world, that the military is been rebuilt and is now the most powerful fighting force on earth, so let the USA prove Mr. Trump right by getting rid Venezuela out of those thugs that together with the Cuban regime are destroying Venezuela.
The USA can be sure that Venezuelans rather die of hunger and illnesses under a total blockade aimed a liberating Venezuela and reinstated democracy that dying slowly under a tyranny.
Ya basta.
To you all please help me to spread this message by forwarding it to everyone in your list and everyone in the USA government to see if we can get this message to Mr. Trump himself.

The OAS is voting today to exclude Venezuela from this organization, something the Maduro regime requested in 2017, so USA is actually helping Venezuela achieve its goal of isolating the country with the aim of remaining in power as Cuba did in the past, this is not the way. USA must imposed sanctions until Maduro is put in prison.

PS: I am reposting this again the situation in Venezuela is even worst today that when I first posted it back in June, nothing is done, Politicians talking but not action, how miserable needs Venezuela to become so that finally President Trump swamp politicians allow him to resolve this humanitarian crisis: CHILDREN ARE DYING.


Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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