There is a phenomenon very common in banana republics but a new one in the USA: Politicians becoming very rich after or during public service.
USA cabinet and members of congress or even our president does not get the kind of money to make them suddenly very rich. Many of our former presidents were from wealthy families and you can see them now not richer that when they served, but there a new breed of politicians and family members with sudden displays of wealth with not a matching explanation for it, they sign big contracts to produce movies and get paid huge speakers fees, they have multi billions foundations to help entire countries that received a very small and limited help from them, they live in very expensive neighborhoods in Washington and LA, they flight on private jets. I am very suspicious.
I will give you known examples of very rich Politicians who have nothing before public service:
• Former and current President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez / Nicolás Maduro and families, Chavez was just a lieutenant coronel in the army coming from a very poor family in Venezuela, Maduro was a bus driver from Colombia with not even a high school degree, after Venezuela, an oil and gold rich country, was looted by them, they and their families have amassed a huge fortune, Chavez mother live in Fort Lauderdale, yes here in the USA despite sanctions, in a multimillion mansion, Chavez daughter was representing Venezuela in the ONU in New York and have a bank account with a major USA bank of more than two billions USA dollars, where are the sanctions again?. The money made by Maduros and his thugs can not be estimated, and it is assumed is the balance that Chavez could not steal before his dead while Venezuelans are starving to death and dying from illnesses and lack of medicines  while the whole world and the USA watch.
• Lula, Brazil ex-president, now in jail for corruption
• Ortega in Nicaragua
• Castro brothers in Cuba
• Presidents and ex-presidents all over Africa
• Correa, Ecuador.
Now we have in the USA an AG that recused himself from a very important investigation of Russia meddling in our election, that refuses to investigate possible links between Russia and former candidates in a Uranium deal, that refuses investigation into the deletion of mails subpoena by congress, that is not investigating the sudden display of fortune and pay for play by politician that are evident to us all, our AG is only going after illegal immigrants and is blatantly ignoring the enemy within, pollical corruption that ruined my country of origin (Venezuela).

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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