Handcuffed USA

The USA is the major force for good in the world, however more and more it can be seen swamp politicians, liberals, and rich Hollywood artist disconnected from reality believe the USA is evil.
It can be seen daily quotes from above mentioned group of people defending MS13, illegal immigrants, bashing police and ICE agents trying to do their job exposing themselves to danger and many times losing their live to protect and serve those same people criticizing them.
Let us try to find what those swamp politicians, liberal artist and rich people have done for what is wrong in the USA and the world:
• When ISI was beheading journalist, burning alive a young Jordanian pilot, throwing gays to their dead from roof tops, killing innocent children, women and elderly in the name of Islam, what was doing the notorious group of liberals, it is an easy answer: Nothing. I even heard notable explanations for this happening, ISIS is a varsity group, Crusaders did the same or worst centuries ago, so I suppose, ISIS have the right to do the same now.
• Venezuela(Cuba), there is an exodus occurring now in my country of origin, Venezuela. People is leaving the country in desperation, the ones staying are the elderly, women, sick and they are dying in masses in the worst massacre since the Jew genocide during world war II. There is not democracy, this is narco trafficking corrupt group of people backed by Cuba, Russia, China, Turkey which sacked the gold reserves, stole the oil industry and are killing, torturing, and terrorizing its own citizen.
Let us again trying to find what our infamous swamp politicians, glamorous artists, liberals are doing for Venezuela, you rightly guessed it again: Nothing.
• What in the last 30 years the USA did for North Korea: Nothing.
• What are those athletes kneeling during the national anthem and artist and swamp politicians doing for black people dying every day in our own cities, Chicago, Baltimore: Nothing.
• Where are those people when the USA need them: in the Congress of the USA, in the Oscars, Emmys, doing drugs, drinking, driving Ferraris, inside our living rooms in our TV sets teaching us how to be Americans, because they are the real Americans, not us who work for a living, teaching us to be tolerant with MS13, ISIS, illegal immigrants, please do not torture to get info about murderers killing innocents in Venezuela, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq because that is un American. Please do not do any thing to end injustice in the world and here in the USA because those oppressed are the one who vote for us, come illegally to the USA and become the enemy within who soon will replace our values with those values destroying Venezuela.
Those people handcuffed the greatest nation in the world, the USA, we now are a do-nothing nation, liberal media, Democratic party, Republican party, artist, athletes constantly complaining about our President who is at least trying to lead reverting evil in the world.
Next November we will have a unique opportunity to take to congress people who really value our history and values and support an outstanding President.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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