“How America normalized the murder of schoolchildren”
This is a post in The Week published Friday 18, 2018.
I hope this title is as chocking to most of the good people in the USA as it was chocking to me.
Only a twisted mind, could even think and generalize that America will normalized the murdering of children, we, and I think I am speaking for America, never did normalize, and we will ever normalize the murdering of children, that was a sick thought of someone exposing his worst and assuming good people think like him, nope, we do not.
Let us think now some normalization going on in America by liberals, artists, fake news and swamp politicians from both major political parties:
How liberals, artists, swamp politicians and fake news normalized Abortion
Abortion is the destruction of life at an industrial level, main source of income for Planned Parenthood which on top of it received almost half billion dollars from our taxes to destroy life. What about Governor Cuomo of New York encouraging women to kill unborn, unprotected children shouting in a Political meeting “it is your body you decide”, what about the scientific community that say that abortion is right if you cannot hear the beat of the fetus hart and that fetus do not feel any pain when killed, ignoring the fact that the world is spared of a future human being.
How liberals, artist, swamp politicians and fake news normalized Homosexuality
I am an old straight man, I know homosexuality existed from a very young age, I saw homosexuals among us and I never thought of homosexuality as a bad thing, I just thought of homosexuals as different people the same way as a short, brown, Latino, who I am, is different from a white, tall American nothing else not judgement on homosexuality good or bad simply different.
Now I am watching a lot of television shows, I just got hernia surgery, and in every show I am watching, there is a scene of homosexual exchange, woman to woman, man to man, even one of the show, shows a fictional Mexico President in an homosexual relationship with another man, every show has to have a pair of woman in a lesbian relation, those shows airs at any time during the day regardless of young audiences access to those shows and exposing them to views of adult exchanges that in the past use to be private and now are the new normal, is not.
How liberals, artist, swamp politicians and fake news normalized bad Government
We can see how bad Governments became normal, Politicians achieving nothing to benefiting the People but benefitting the one percent, which by the way, they are not the billionaires and millionaires that Mr. Sanders refers too often, the one percent are athletes, artists, liberal media moguls, swamp politicians who live in a fantasy island of greed and forget their values once they made their first million dollar.
We have suffered for years the neglect of hundreds of congressmen doing nothing and covering up their incompetence, we have suffered for years of the presidencies of 44, 43, 41, 39 taking us to wars, overseen the destruction of our industrial base sending our jobs to China, India, Europe and every other country and amassing huge deficit and debts. But this is the new normal, Government not by the People for the People but against the People and please do not complain.
We see nowadays that Mr. Trump is trying to revert to a government as per our constitution, from the very beginning of his presidency Mr. Trump is being attacked by everyone who sees his reality endangered by the true the People demanded and voted for, this is the normal.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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