The Second Amendment

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”
I will give my personal account on living in countries where the right to bear arms exist or it is forbidden.
England: I lived in England for three years in the early 1980 I have two children born there and currently living in London.
England ban its citizen from bearing arms. When I lived there even the police did not have any arms and violence conducting to dead was very unusual, at that time the IRA, a terror group from Ireland was the major existing source of violent crime.
I now go to England from time to time to visit my children and great children, London had changed radically, now is a vibrant cosmopolitan city, the change also brought armed policemen everywhere, gone the times of unarmed Bobbies.
Changes I figure, due to integration to the European Union (EU) which open a very close society and brought cultural diversity to London, now you can eat Spanish, French, Italian products banned before in England, great food now in London. However, migration from violent countries brought also uneducated, different religions with different approach to the English society and different ways of settling differences and terrorism, now England needs an armed police force and soon will need to arm their lawful citizens to help avoid the awful scene of a pair of terrorist killing with knifes an unarmed young soldier in the middle of a London street and bombing of innocent civilians in London buses and tube.
Venezuela: In Venezuela lawful citizens could bear arms until Mr. Chavez became President. Mr. Chavez moved quickly to ban civilian possession of fire arms, when the people started to oppose his totalitarian tendencies and took to the streets to protest his corrupt regimen he sent his armed tugs against unarmed people protesting his regime, when the Police try to protect the people from those armed government tugs, Mr. Chavez disarmed the police too leaving the people at the mercy of the regime, a totalitarian regime was founded then. Dictators fear arm lawful citizens, in a country of free lawful armed people tyrannical and oppressive regimes will not exist. Cuba is another example of what is going now in Venezuela.
USA: I came to the USA in 2006 I became a citizen in 2013, I bought my arms soon after and got my concealed carrying permit while in Houston, I trained extensively in gun safety and proper usage of arms and carry them occasionally, I felt safe and able to protect my wife, myself and others if need be when I carry, I defend the second amendment.
For the sake of discussion let us contrast the way President Obama and President Trump act on one issue related to the second amendment:
Mr. Obama while in government ban the distribution of surplus military grade weapon to the police.
Mr. Trump is again authorizing the distribution of military grade to the police.
The Police defend lawful citizens against violent criminals and in this country powerful arms find its way to criminals and drug traffickers leaving the police at a disadvantage.
Who is protecting lawful citizens Mr. Obama or Mr. Trump?
Who has totalitarian tendencies the one afraid of armed lawful police and citizens or the one unafraid of its armed lawful police and citizens?
Another area for discussion: Why Politicians try to take arms from lawful citizens going after our constitutional right to bear arms, instead of going the way of solving the root causes of violent crime: Drugs, poverty, education, loss of moral values, mental illnesses.
The swamp in Washington blames the second amendment as a way of hiding their inability to tackle the real problem in this country SWAMP POLITICIAMS.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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