Jerusalem and Caracas

Today it was the opening of our embassy in Jerusalem.
While I watched live the event, I saw how proud the Jewish people felt on the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by the USA.
At the same time, I was reading about Palestinian dying in confrontations in Gaza and I was again saddle by the thought of people dying because corrupt politicians stage demonstrations inciting violence instead of peaceful settlement of differences, Palestinian also deserve a country and a capital, Politicians give them death, misery and despair.
Today it is also the 70th. anniversary of the creation of the state of Israel. Many years ago, I read a book about the war Jews have to fight against the Arab countries surrounding the tiny unborn country. Without the support from any civilized country government, they had to fight alone just out of the second world war which decimated Jews in concentration camps by Nazi Germany, it was only the hope of Jews of seeing each other in Jerusalem that made them fight and win against impossible odds the right to have Israel.
Jews all over the world kept a hope in their heart that they will some day be in a land all together with a capital in Jerusalem, today I dream that all Venezuelans, wherever there are, get out hearts together for Venezuela. We ignored Bolivar teachings and put our trust in corrupt Politicians and Political parties who killed him then and killed our country today, we, Venezuelans, must fight for having our country back from Maduro and corrupt political parties and re-found our country with the ideas of freedom and liberty without corruption and political parties and ideologies, we need to give Bolivar peace and Venezuela back to Venezuelans.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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