Venezuela, OAS and Mr. Pence

VENEZUELA is in chaos now, elderly, children, women and the most vulnerable people are starving to death or dying every day by the hundreds from illnesses, hunger or crimes., whoever can leave the country are fleeing in desperation and despair leaving behind loves one and depriving the country of its best, more educated and productive people.
ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES(OAS) had a meeting this week where Mr. Almagro, the OAS Secretary General, spoke about the crisis in Venezuela. Mr. Almagro have been very critical of the Venezuela government, Mr. Almagro denounced the atrocities of the criminal regimen in Venezuela, Mr. Almagro had spoken in every possible forum the need for American States to come together and end the tragedy in Venezuela, I herewith commend Mr. Almagro for his efforts to help the Venezuela people.
But just let us stop for a moment and analyze the previous paragraphs:
• People are dying, leaving the country by the thousands, starving, not hospital services, no medicines, no basic services this is happening for almost twenty years at plain view of the world
• OAS an international organization founded to promote democracy in our continent is full of bureaucrats representing tyrannies and corrupt governments voted many times to keep Venezuela in the OAS
• In almost twenty years the OAS have achieve nothing with regard Venezuela and I know of any other accomplishment by the OAS, ONU, NATO US Congress or any other international body of do nothing politicians
MR. PENCE, I listen to Mr. Pence words at the OAS, very nice worlds, the USA is going to continue working with our allies, the USA is going to continue imposing sanctions, the USA is given humanitarian help to Venezuelan fleeing the country, the USA is designating more Maduro government officials as narco trafficking, in the meanwhile do not worry about people dying, as Mr. Weiner, former USA congressman use to say, they are dead not more suffering for them and they will not pay taxes and will not vote for Maduro this May 20. Mr. Pence is a swamp politician born and groomed in the Washington swamp he is all empty nice words, he will do nothing for Venezuela o the USA, Mr. Pence sounded to me like one of our greatest swamp leader, expert in doing or achieving nothing, genius on protecting the status quo while watching people die in Aleppo, Venezuela, Syria lecturing us all how to lead from behind hiding until the next round of golf: the great President Obama.
Watching Mr. Pence at the OAS meeting I lost any hope I have Mr. Trump could do something for Venezuela.
I am going to be part of the red tide that will vote next November to get to Washington republicans committed to the rule of law, leading from the front and getting rid of tyrannies elsewhere in the world which is my sincere hope will be North Korea next June and Venezuela before 2018 ends.
Go Mr. Trump MAGA and MTWABP (make the world a better place)

PS: Mr. Maduro was reelected in a bogus election in which the Venezuelan people silently told the world please help us get rid of the tyranny killing us and destroying our country. Mr. Trump please MVGA (Make Venezuela Great Again)

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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