Kanye West

I am a Latino my views of races, as I am the result of a mix of races: Black, native American, European, are free from racisms as defined by the media or political parties.
Full disclosure, I only know Kanye West for what from time to time makes news, I do not know his music and I do not care about his marriage or businesses, however, Mr. West makes news with his twiter showing support for a young black conservative, Candace Owens and then oh! might supporting the president of the United States.
I read basically two of his twiter and was amazed by how respectfully he addresses the dissent of fellow blacks, how he was calling for free speech for us all, to break the ill dependency from politicians that take advantages from blacks while keeping them as pawn for their interest, black politician of the like of Maxine Waters, rev. Al Sharpton, former President Obama do nothing to improve blacks lives they claim racism from whites against black, they claim black live in poverty because whites.
A new class of black people is rising on top of the tide that Mr. Trump is creating, blacks that believe in themselves, blacks that are not pray for swamp politicians, educated blacks, black artist and black that soon will realize must stand by our flag and national anthem instead of kneeling under the pressure of those who just want their vote.
Contrast Mr. West versus those black or white artist such as Sean Pen who is a friend of the Venezuelan revolution who is destroying a whole country and interviewed El Chapo who killed Americans and fill our streets of drugs.
Kanye West did more for the black community in a week that all politicians, we must support the new black wave which is going to MAGA, blacks have nothing to lose, the option is believing in Sean Pen, Maxine Water, Al Sharpton, Mr. Obama or Hillary Clinton, your choice.

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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