Dangerous Immigration

I will relate to my own experience in this post.
First a brief personal history.
In 2002, then President Hugo Chavez fired over twenty thousand highly experience and qualified personnel from the National Oil Company of Venezuela (PDVSA), Mr. Chavez also black listed them banning them from getting jobs at government or companies which contracted with the government.
In the period from 2002 to 2014 many of those people went abroad to get jobs as it was impossible to be employed in Venezuela, many countries benefited from that inflow of people.
Now, for the sake of clarity in this post, I will make a definition of a new class of Venezuelan:
Chavistas/Maduristas: People that benefited from the government during the period in which Chavez and Maduro occupied the presidency in Venezuela.
The time is not precise, but around 2014 a new wave of immigration from Venezuela left the country, among the good people leaving Venezuela were now Chavistas, the families of high ranking government officials such as Chavez daughters in Paris, New York, the one in New York was part of the Venezuela delegation to the UN and have an account in a New York bank over 2 billion dollars she said she earned selling Avon products, the family of Diosdado Cabello, the family of Jorge Rodriguez, the family Herman Escarra (USA), the family of Henry Falcon, Mr. Chavez cousin is now the president of CITGO (Houston), less than two miles from my house in Houston, living with a ankle bracelet in a five million mansion, is someone being prosecuted for corrupt contracts with PDVSA, may be the names I mentioned previously have no meaning for many Americans but this is the main people responsible of destroying a country, I could go with many case more but I believe this gives a good idea of that not all immigration is good and all immigrants need to be welcome without betting and with open arms.
The consequences of the latest wave of Chavistas immigrants are starting to show in the many countries they move to: in Chile a gang of Venezuelan were arrested for assaulting people in the streets, in Spain another gang for money laundering and narco trafficking ( two nephews of Cilia Flores the first lady in Venezuela are incarcerated in New York for narco trafficking) , in the USA, mainly in Miami and Houston there are many of them moving into our communities: bad people.
Now I would like to share this thoughts with you:
Why are the Department of Home Land Security, DEA, Department of State, CIA all of those department full of bureaucrats being paid with our taxes allowing Chavistas to come into the USA??????

During the government of Mr. Obama many of those Chavistas living in Miami were interrogated and released after cutting an agreement with the USA government. Mr. Obama never released those agreements that could help to prosecuted Chavistas living in the USA and the current government of Mr. Maduro????????

Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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