A disappointment

I was very hopeful with the appointment of  Mr. Tillerson as secretary of state for the Trump administration.

Mr. Tillerson was an ex-ExxonMobil CEO with ample knowledge of  oil producer countries, so I assume, Mr. Tillerson could know well Venezuela and could help, from the USA State Department, to avoid the barbary going on with the destruction of a whole country which use to be very friendly to the USA. Mr. Tillerson instead went the same way previous notorious Secretary of States (Mr. Kerry, Mss. Clinton) traveling in luxury the world, achieving nothing and claiming nonexistent successes while whole countries were in despair and people were dying from famine, wars and illnesses.

Mr. Tillerson , in the name of a weak diplomacy, afraid of offending North Korea, Iran, Arab and African countries, European “allies”, Maduro, in short afraid of every tyrant and false friends of the USA allowed the whole world become a worst place for everyone.

The USA is a very powerful country, we are law abiding people who care for others and would like the world to be a better place, we must be using our strength to avoid situations such as the one going on in Venezuela, North Korea, Palestine, Africa, Irak, Syria,  those countries, an many other around the world, are producing an incontrollable wave of desperate refugees flooding every country where they can find peace and rise their families up without fearing dead, starvation and illnesses unfortunately they also bring with them terrorism, distorted believes, poverty and crime.

When Power is used by wise leaders for the bettering of humanity is a good thing, we should be afraid of tyrants in Venezuela, Iran, Russia, Syria with not real power, but the weak “diplomacy” by the likes of Mr. Tillerson, Mr. Kerry and Mss. Clinton, to enforcing a new world of misery, poverty, dead, crime and ultimately producing the same type of conditions leading to a war.

Now, I am hopeful of Mr. Pompeo to be different and help Venezuela and all countries under tyrannies.


Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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