The November red tide



In November “We the People” need to take a very important decision among two options:

  1. To preserve the donothing establishment in Washington that want the status quo and privileges creating laws that only curtail our freedom and protect the swam. Or
  2. To create a red tide that will take to the congress (House and Senate) people who believe in the values of our founding fathers: honesty, hard work, pursue of happiness and freedom from any type of international or local oppression

The choice is obvious, despite what the media, billionaires, and Hollywood are trying to make believe that our values are obsolete and must be change by their new view of the world where everyone, but them, are poor, that there are a unlimited variety of sexes, that family is boring and kids do not need guidance from parents, drugs are fine, blacks must continue being treated as second tier citizens that only can vote for the very politicians subjugating them, no borders in the USA for anyone wanting to come here and impose on us their failed values and corrupt systems gaining voting rights allowing them to replace our successful way of life for a Venezuela model.

We are a house divided we will not stand like that for long, nowadays everything is partisan, we can not believe even science as there are partisan science about global warming, use of land, statistic data, health, demographic, criminality etc. Science used to be a reliable reference point to take crucial decision impacting us all, not longer, politicians in Washington distort facts to serves their interest at the expenses of the common.

November red tide MUST override the blue wave of despair rising over our nation.


Author: thevenezuelanrepublican

An immigrant from a destroyed country: Venezuela, who found a new welcoming country the USA

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